Big Adventures for Little Explorers

We are now on annual leave - new orders will be posted on 7th September. We wish all of our little explorers a wonderful summer! Super fun adventures in a box for kids aged 4-10. Inspire your child to learn about the world!
What is it?

Geo Journey is a creative adventure for children to teach them about the world in a fun way!

Our award winning explorer kit contains all your child needs for their Geography adventure.

Explore different countries through our country packs with a fact-filled letter, REAL photos, fact cards, stickers and much more!

Includes cool souvenirs like a boomerang from Australia or mini wooden Clogs from Holland.

Meet Geo and Atlas...
At the heart of Geo Journey are Geo the owl and his best friend Atlas the puppy. The friends are on a world adventure and every country pack includes a fact filled letter from them, telling your child all about their travels.

Letters are PERSONALISED with child's name!

How does it work?

1. Receive your adventure box with explorer kit and country packs. The country packs are numbered and follow a story as Geo and Atlas travel around.

2. With each country pack your child can mark the country on the map, stamp your passport and complete the travel journal with the stickers, photos and fact cards. They will learn so much!

3. Choose when to give your child each country pack, it could be a rainy day, a school holiday or any time you want to entertain your child. Or maybe all at once!

What do you receive?

What's in the explorer kit?
Suitcase - personalised letter - large map poster - travel journal - passport - stickers - photos - activity booklet - travel ticket on a string.

What's in the country packs?
Personalised fact filled letter - 2 photos - fact postcard - stickers - activity booklet - travel ticket on a string - a souvenir such as a boomerang from Australia.

Mini Adventure

Jet Set Adventure Box


Full Geo Journey explorer kit plus 2 country packs all in one box! The perfect introduction to our Geo Journey adventures.

Made for Mums GOLD award winning adventures for children! 

6 Country Adventure Box


Popular with grandparents, aunties and uncles to give as a gift.  The little explorer will receive our award winning explorer kit with 5 exciting country packs to explore. All sent together in one fun package.

Full Adventure

£120 Geo Journey
£99 Space Journey

The full adventure. Explorer kit with exciting packs and certificate for completing the journey. Explorer Kit and country/planet packs sent in one fun-filled box with lots of fun souvenirs too!

Explore from home

Geo Journey is the fun way to learn about the world. It's the adventure box they would choose themselves.   Learn how to say 'hello' in Japanese and find out what the Americans eat for breakfast. Where do giant pandas live? And can you really climb the Great Wall of China? Geo Journey boxes spark the imagination and inspire children to learn. Also complements the National Curriculum for Geography Key Stages 1 and 2 so you can give children a head start at home!

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Explorers in action

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