Prince Zaaki and the Royal Sword of Luella

Here at Geo Journey we are always looking for great books and products for our little explorers that inspire young imaginations.  

We've started reading the Prince Zaaki books by Heba Hamzeh and so far we are hooked!  These books were born after Heba was asked by her son for a bedtime story and this amazing imaginary Kingdom was created.

Loved by our 11 year old girl and 8 year old boy we love reading the latest adventures of Prince Zaaki who lives in a magical Kingdom called Luella.

His father King Zok decides that as Prince Zaaki is an only child, he will take over the reign of the kingdom on his 20th birthday.

The year before, when he turns 19, his mother (Queen Tee-Tee) throws a big ball for his birthday.  She would like him to meet a suitable wife and invites lots of royal friends and their daughters.  But in fact Prince Zaaki is captivated by a young lady called Star who is his mother's new lady-in-waiting.

He danced with various others at the ball but he couldn't stop thinking about Star.

On the day before the ball he tells his parents he wants to go out on his own and explore the Kingdom.  This is a dangerous mission and the book centres around this adventure and the highs and lows!  


There is a lot of excitement and throughout the book you find yourself rooting for Prince Zaaki to overcome the various challenges that are thrown at him and for good to prevail.

Before he sets off with his favourite horse called Strongheart, he meets with Futuris the Wizard who gives him a lot of advice and more importantly spells he will need to help him along the way.  

When Futuris looks into the future he sees Prince Zaaki as King and peace in Luella so he has to ensure that things turn out that way. 

His father, King Zok, gives him the Royal Sword of Luella to take with him.  Prince Zaaki is honoured to have this bestowed on him as it's a great historical weapon privy only to Kings or Queens.

His father warns him that the caves of Luella are inhabited by Dragons which are dormant but can be disturbed by evil.  He tells him to summon help from his sword if he encounters a dragon.


Prince Zaaki meets many interesting people on his adventure including Zaeem and his family who live underground and are very hungry as a Viper Dragon comes and eats the crops.  Part of the mission it to help Zaeem defeat the Viper Dragon.

Later in the book Prince Zaaki is taken to a mysterious island and there he finds a special school for uniquely gifted children.  From here he learns lots of hidden secrets and unravels mysteries of souls and life. 

There are many twists and turns along the way from assassination attempts and the imprisonment of his parents, but will Prince Zaaki prevail?

Find out by reading Prince Zaaki and the Royal Sword of Luella.

And if you love this book as much as we do you will also want to continue the adventures with the second book called Prince Zaaki and the Momentous Battle of the Kingdoms

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