Space Journey

Space Eggsplorer Easter Gift


Our limited edition Easter kit has everything you need to keep your Space Eggsplorer busy over the Easter holidays.   It's great fun but educational too - a unique way to inspire children to learn about our amazing solar system!

With a cool suitcase, mission log book and astronaut passport your little astronaut will have everything they need for their space adventures.   

Upgrade to include monthly packs?

If you would like to upgrade to our Easter Subscription simply order our standard Space Journey subscription here and use code EASTER2020 in the discount code box.  We'll send you this limited edition Space Eggsplorer kit plus our monthly planet packs.  

The astronaut kit includes an activity pack too with planet Earth themed activity book, stickers, photos, travel ticket and a stamp for their passport.  

Also includes a personalised letter from our characters Geo the owl and Atlas the puppy who are setting off on a mission into outer space.

And of course it wouldn't be an Easter set without some mini chocolate eggs!

Recommended for children aged 4-10.

What is it?

A subscription box for children to learn about our amazing solar system and the planets within it.

Start with an explorer kit then receive fun monthly packages through the post from our cute characters Geo and Atlas who love to travel and explore.

They'll send letters, photos and cool souvenirs like a space passport and mission log book.

It's the kids subscription they would choose themselves!

Meet Atlas and Geo... 
Geo the owl and his best friend Atlas are off on their travels again, this time to find out about our amazing solar system and the planets within it. They would love your little astronaut to join them on their adventures!

From the rocky inner worlds that sit closest to the sun - Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars - to the large gaseous outer worlds - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune - there's an awful lot to discover. Geo and Atlas even meet an alien friend on Mars!

The astronaut kit makes a cool present, then the real adventures start a month later when Geo and Atlas start writing to your child.

How does it work?

1. Start with a cool astronaut kit.

2. Receive exciting monthly packages through the post addressed to your child.

3. Nine planet packs to collect. Each one is packed with creative fun AND an exciting souvenir!

What do you receive?

What's in the astronaut kit?
Space suitcase - personalised letter - map - mission log book - astronaut passport - stickers - photos - activity booklet - travel ticket on a string - astronaut in training wristband.

What's in the monthly planet packs?
Personalised fact filled letter - 2 photos - fact card - stickers - activity booklet - travel ticket on a string - a souvenir such as astronaut food and space sunglasses.