Tibbs Travels

Questions relating to development of a Learning Platform for children aged 4-10 years 

1.  Do you have any further clarification on the VR requirement? Do you have existing 3D assets of the countries / planets? Do you have any customer or user feedback or any other creative execution requirements?

Not at this stage. We are really interested in creative ideas of what could be achieved within different budgets. We like the idea of “visiting” landmarks and feeling like you are there in person but open to different suggestions of how this could work.

Options we had in mind are:-

Basic Option: to embed something like VR experience You Tube videos like this one below where we could buy some videos for our own use or stock photos and create out own as part of the project. We don’t want ongoing license fees.


Advanced Option: incorporate VR with the user using a VR headset to "visit" landmarks and places. We would like this to work with things like google cardboard VR headsets to make it more accessible.

Both – we could have a basic option as standard but then a “Pro” version where can use a VR headset and use more advanced VR.

These could be at each country stage as the user progresses through the journey and we could also have a separate section where the user can visit all the places.

2. Do you have any requirements based around a user’s device? You mention browser requirements but we ask not due to the responsive build requirements, but more around GPU/CPU capabilities when thinking about 3D usage. School issued devices tend to be quite low-spec.

We anticipate that the platform will be used on various devices including desktop PC, Ipads and smart phones at home so something that would work on those types of devices is needed. In school a teacher may be able to use a smart phone or similar high tech device. If not and schools are limited to lower spec devices we would like to have a more basic option like the videos.

A more advanced VR element is something that could be used in a Pro edition of our platform so schools will only sign up if they have the required spec devices.

3.  Can you provide an indication on the total size of content required e.g. modules needed to cover the learning? A low-res PDF of a pack or some kind of content map would be ideal.

Yes, the easiest way is probably to let you know the amount of content per country. Then we can look at how many countries we can add within this project.

In our physical subscriptions for each country there is a letter, 2 photos, fact card, activity book, travel ticket and stickers. We have the artwork for all of these. We would like these used within the app.

For the activities we would like some gamification to make them fun, interactive and interesting. See below for activity examples.  We were thinking around 3 activities per country would work well. 

The user flow below should give an idea of the amount of content for each country.

4.  Do you have any existing diagrams or user flows when it comes to the overarching experience?

Ideas we have so far are:-

User logs in and chooses Geo or Space Journey
Creates or customises character (Mr Tibbs)
Few sentences about the character being a house cat and wanting to explore. But friends Geo the owl and Atlas the puppy are off on their travels and will write to him telling him about the world ready for when he can go and explore himself one day.

Country Content 

First country (UK) sets the scene for the adventures.
Child can read the letter from Geo and Atlas (or have it read out loud) - Letter spread over a few pages where children can click next so the writing is big enough.
UK related activities - see below for activity examples. This is where gamification will mostly be used.
Stamp passport when activities are completed
Awarded coins or some kind of unique reward per completed activity.
Show our map (we have artwork) and show where UK is (moving flag or map pointer stuck in that country).

Move on to next country - Next country is France
Letter from Geo and Atlas from France
France activities - 3 
Stamp passport when activities completed
Awarded coins
Show map with line from UK to France and highlight where France is

Next country is Egypt
Letter from Geo and Atlas etc

And repeated for each country....

Within this framework we would like to build in some sort of VR if possible around a landmark for each country. This could come after the letter and before the activities or at the end of each country.

In addition we will have a souvenir shop section users can visit to spend rewards.

5. Are the interactive games are part of the build? (103-110 on user stories)

Yes all interactive games are part of the build. We have the static assets for many of the activities such as mazes, crosswords and word searches but would like these to be more dynamic and interactive.

There will be 3 interactive games/activities per country but we could look to have one 1-2 interactive and 1-2 more of a fact page for each country depending on budget.

Some interactive games can be very simple such as matching names to objects.

6. You currently have no 3D assets so any mention of these is also part of the build?

Yes we have 2D assets but no 3D assets which would be developed as part of this project.

7. Backpack - This is a separate area for Children that shows the purchases?

We would like Mr Tibbs to have a backpack or case (chosen by the child) and then they earn or buy a souvenir then it shows in their backpack/suitcase

This could be a page that shows when children click on the backpack or case.

8. Souvenirs mention "see in detail" what is the detail? 3D or large 2D images?

2D images are fine for the souvenirs

9. User story 89: See A unique animation - of what? Do you have these animations or are you expecting animations to be created too?

Animations to be created for each letter to reflect that country. For example a moving eiffel tower or pyramid alongside or on the letter to make it more interesting.

10. There's no user story to say "ADD a student to my school" where is this data taken from? or is this an error and teacher admins create these?

We will have to check with the developer who put together the functional spec on this, will update when we get a reply.

11. How are you measuring progress? Per lesson? (Take a country as an example or a lesson, if there are 30 countries, just show how many you've completed?)

Progress is measured by how far the child has progressed on the adventure, how many countries/planets completed.

12. What is the budget for the project

The maximum budget is £50k

Extra Notes: 

Examples of our existing activities that we would like to use in the learning platform but in a fun interactive way (around 3 per country) -

 Example of our existing character designs for Geo and Atlas for each planet and country

Example Letters:

Choose an adventure...