Geo Journey

Sellers Start Up Package


Sell our award winning Geo Journey and Space Journey subscriptions and earn commission. 

Now is a brilliant time of year to get started to make the most of Christmas.

Geo Journey and Space Journey make fantastic gifts that are fun, educational and last a whole year!

How it works:-

1.  Order a sellers pack for a LOW commitment fee of just £99.  
2.  Receive sample stock and marketing materials
3.  Start promoting and selling.
4.  We'll track any sales from you through our website using a unique discount code.
5.  We'll pay you commission for every tracked sale on a monthly basis.
6.  We'll provide a written agreement for you to sell Geo Journey products for 12 months.


What will I receive?

We'll send you one Geo Journey explorer kit with France pack plus a Space Journey astronaut kit and Mercury pack.  This will help you show potential customers the great quality items and how it all works.  We'll also send you 250 marketing postcards with your unique discount code on.

How much commission will I receive?

We'll pay you £15 for every sale.  For "pay monthly" orders the customer must stay for 3 months for you to be eligible for commission.

How much discount will the customer receive?

Your unique discount code will entitle the customer to £5 off their order.

When will I receive my commission?

You'll receive commission on 1st of each month in the month following the sale.  For 6 and 12 month gifts you'll receive the commission in the first month.  For monthly sign ups we'll pay you when the customer has stayed for 3 months.

Is there a limit to the number of subscriptions I can sell?

No, not at all.  There is no cap on numbers of subscriptions sold or commission earnings.

How will I sell subscriptions?

There are lots of ways to sell!  You can be as creative as you choose and put in as many or as few hours to suit you.  You can sell at local Christmas Fairs, sell to your existing network of friends and contacts, use social media, blogging, host home parties, activity sessions, place flyers and posters in local shops or kids clubs and much more!

Who sends out the orders?

We will deal with all of the order fulfillment meaning you can concentrate on selling.  That's great for you as you don't have to hold any stock or deal with packing and delivery.

Where do I sign up?

Simply purchase this sellers pack and we'll be in touch by email with details of your unique code and let you know when your goods will arrive.  We'll also send you a Sellers Agreement to sign outlining requirements such as maintaining the integrity of our brand at all times and confirming your commission rates etc

How much does it cost to get started?

Just £99 at the moment although this fee will increase once our preliminary offer has ended.

Why do you charge £99?

This covers the cost of the sample stock, marketing materials and admin costs for the agreement and to get you set up on our systems with a unique code. 

How long can I sell for?

We'll provide you with an agreement to sell Geo Journey products for 12 months with an option to renew each year for a fee of £99.

Can I progress my career with Geo Journey?

Yes if you are successful and enjoy the role you might wish to purchase a franchise in your area with the opportunity to create a significant income.

We can't wait to start working with you!

Please email if you would like any more info.

What is it

Geo Journey is a subscription box for children to teach them all about different countries.

Start with an explorer kit then receive fun monthly packages through the post from our travelling characters Geo and Atlas who love to travel and explore.

They'll send letters, photos and cool souvenirs like a boomerang from Australia or mini wooden Clogs from Holland.

Every subscription is PERSONALISED with child's name!

Meet Geo and Atlas... 
At the heart of Geo Journey are our adorable characters Geo the owl and his best friend Atlas the puppy.

The friends are on a world adventure and every country pack includes a fact filled letter from them, telling your child all about their travels.

Each month your child can complete the travel journal, stamp the passport and enjoy learning lots of fun facts.

How does it work?

1. Start with an explorer kit with suitcase, travel journal, passport, map and activities.

2. Receive exciting monthly packages through the post addressed to your child.

3. Twelve country packs to collect. Each one is packed with creative fun AND an exciting souvenir!

What do you receive?

What's in the explorer kit?
Suitcase - personalised letter - map - travel journal - passport - stickers - photos - activity booklet - travel ticket on a string.

What's in the monthly packs?
Personalised fact filled letter - 2 photos - fact postcard - stickers - activity booklet - travel ticket on a string - a souvenir such as a boomerang from Australia.