A World of Interesting Space Facts for Kids


When it comes to interesting space facts for kids, the more bizarre the better. In fact, our children’s appetite for space and solar systems seems to be as endless as the universe itself!

At Geo Journey we’re all about fuelling imagination and inspiring learning. That’s why we created a monthly kids subscription box about the solar system - and it’s packed full of interesting space facts that kids will love. 

 We couldn’t resist but share some of our personal favourites with you… Here goes!


  1. Here’s a gross astronaut fact about space suits. Did you know that a space suit has a built-in toilet?! Yep, space suits need to be able to handle atmospheres without air and protect the body from heat and cold. They need to supply everything that an astronaut needs on a space walk and have something like a giant nappy inside to collect, well….you-know-what. 


  1. The first meal ever eaten by an American astronaut was a tube of apple sauce. The earliest space food wasn’t very tasty and came in tubes a little bit like toothpaste so you could squeeze it into your mouth. (We think you’re probably better off sticking with Grandma’s Sunday roast).


  1. You know the planet Venus? It has a seriously weird environment with high temperatures and hurricane-force winds. In the 1970’s it destroyed ten of the Soviet Union’s heaviest aircrafts just minutes after they landed there. Scary. 


  1. Did you know that when you cry in space your tears don’t fall? It’s because there’s no gravity and instead bubbles form when you cry and stick to your eyes or lashes. Sorry to say it, but gravity won’t change what happens on the inside. If you’re feeling sad, you’ll probably still need a great big space hug.


  1. Uranus has it’s own moon, but it’s a total mess! Scientists aren’t really sure what caused it, but the moon has a sharp, bumpy surface that looks a bit like patchwork. It’s even possible that it was smashed apart and put itself back together again. Space is a funny old place. 


  1. As for Saturn, did you know it has a crazy storm with six sides called “the hexagon”. It’s a bit like a hurricane and has been around for hundreds of years, raging all the time. Getting caught in a storm is never much fun, but a storm with six sides? That would be intense.


So which space fact is your favourite? We love them all because the world of space is endlessly fascinating and it’s why we want to bring it to life for little astronauts everywhere. 

With our first subscription box children receive a space suit, mission log book, personalised letter and all kinds of other goodies to get them excited.

After that we send a new pack every month and it’s packed with photos, stickers, activities and so much more. The anticipation of receiving the pack is enough to send kids into orbit - and it does. 


Now hop over to Facebook @geojourneykids and tell us YOUR favourite space fact! 

Or for more details about the space subscription box, you can find it here. 









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