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Geo Journey is all about making learning fun! Our products together with our adorable characters Geo and Atlas are designed to help children learn about the world without even realising all the amazing things they are learning!

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"I've got a 6 year old boy who now asks me lots of questions about different countries on the map! He can't wait to get more post from Geo and Atlas."

– Lucy B, Durham

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How to Enjoy a Cruise with Your Kids

March 06, 2024 How to Enjoy a Cruise with Your Kids

Family travel is back! In the post-pandemic world, research by Hilton showed that British holidaymakers were looking to spend a cumulative £83.6bn on trips during 2022, with 77% of those surveyed saying family time was their main motivation in getting away from it all. However, almost a third (31%) described the process of planning a family holiday as ‘frustrating’, with more than 20% feeling it was ‘painful'!We sympathise! While we're big fans of city breaks with the kids, they do involve lots of logistics (and usually a fair few compromises) to ensure everyone gets to do what they'd like to. If you...

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Why Buy Pre Worn Clothes for Kids

February 17, 2024 Why Buy Pre Worn Clothes for Kids

Embracing the World of Preworn Fashion In today's world, where environmental consciousness meets economic savvy, pre-owned clothing emerges as a beacon of sustainability and affordability. Here at Geo Journey we've been considering the multifaceted benefits of embracing pre-owned apparel, touching on its environmental advantages, cost savings, and the extensive range of available options, including high-end designer pieces and popular high street labels. We'll tell you all about the unparalleled convenience of online shopping for such items and why pre-owned clothing is especially advantageous for outfitting children and babies. Economic Advantages of Pre-Owned Clothing Stretching Your Budget Further Pre-owned clothing stands out for its...

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Mini Trampolines for Kids with Sensory Needs

February 15, 2024 Mini Trampolines for Kids with Sensory Needs

The Benefits of Mini Trampolines for Children with Sensory Needs In recent years, mini trampolines have emerged as not just a source of entertainment but as a beneficial tool for children with sensory needs. These compact and versatile pieces of equipment offer more than just physical exercise; they provide therapeutic benefits, especially for children with sensory processing issues, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Here at Geo Journey, we've been exploring the many ways in which mini trampolines can support the sensory, emotional, and physical development of children, along with practical advice for parents on choosing...

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