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Geo Journey is all about making learning fun! Our products together with our adorable characters Geo and Atlas are designed to help children learn about the world without even realising all the amazing things they are learning!

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"I've got a 6 year old boy who now asks me lots of questions about different countries on the map! He can't wait to get more post from Geo and Atlas."

– Lucy B, Durham

Explorers in action

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Receiving the first part of the Space Journey subscription
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Today's space mission
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Molly taking Geo Journey to her school!
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Write to Geo and Atlas

March 23, 2020 Write to Geo and Atlas

Geo and Atlas love going on adventures and writing letters about the exciting things they have done. But they also love reading letters and would love to hear from you.  You could write about things you have been doing at home or your favourite places to visit. Or for little ones draw a picture with a few words. Anything goes!  If you have been doing our Geo Journey or Space Journey adventures you could write about your favourite bits so far.  Writing letters is a brilliant creative writing exercise and a fun activity for kids of all ages. When you letter is finished simply send...

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Best maps for kids

July 30, 2019 Best maps for kids

There's a big wide world out there and so much to see and do! Owning a fantastic map can really help to encourage children to learn about the world but with several maps for kids on the market, which one should you buy?

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Learning Toys for 5 Year Olds

July 17, 2019 Learning Toys for 5 Year Olds

Looking for learning toys for 5 year olds? At age 5 children soak up information like sponges and they love the learn without even realising they are learning.  With learning toys they will be having so much fun and yet learning things at the same time. The key with learning toys and 5 year olds is FUN! Whatever they are into be it dinosaurs, princesses, super heroes, building there are a lot of educational toys out there that can fit in with these themes. Some learning toys might be specifically academic to improve reading or writing for example.  Others might...

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