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Geo Journey is all about making learning fun! Our products together with our adorable characters Geo and Atlas are designed to help children learn about the world without even realising all the amazing things they are learning!

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"I've got a 6 year old boy who now asks me lots of questions about different countries on the map! He can't wait to get more post from Geo and Atlas."

– Lucy B, Durham

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Molly taking Geo Journey to her school!
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Best Subscription Box Gifts For Grandkids

February 23, 2021 Best Subscription Box Gifts For Grandkids

Need an idea for ongoing gifts for the grandkids? Why not choose a subscription box! These popular gifts are fun and educational, and can be personalised to your grandchildren’s interests so you know they’re learning and enjoying your gifts at the same time. We’ve collected a selection of the best subscription gifts for grandkids, so you’ll be able to chat with them about the box from you that comes through their door every month! Geo Journey Best for: little explorers! This exciting subscription pack will open the world up to your grandchild. Start with a fantastic explorer kit to introduce...

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Great ways to use Geo Journey in Schools

February 15, 2021 Great ways to use Geo Journey in Schools

Read about great ways to use Geo Journey in schools.  It's the perfect tool to get kids engaged and learn in a fun way. Primary - All Years Put the map on the classroom wall and update it each month. It would be a great way to discover more about the location, language, culture and custom of a new country each month. Could capitalise on this by teaching a few lessons linked to this each month.Stamp the passport each month and make notes in the travel journal.Children could write replies to the letters from Geo and Atlas - would be...

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Best Kids Annuals 2021

December 27, 2020 Best Kids Annuals 2021

If you know a child with a special interest in something – be it Disney, football, or the newest game that everyone at school’s playing – an annual is the perfect present! Both of you can enjoy hours of fascinated silence, with the kids taking in all the strangest facts and the coolest interviews in their new book, and you enjoying a quiet cup of tea in the kitchen as they read!We’ve put together our top eight annuals for kids and there’s something for everyone! RIPLEY’S BELIEVE IT OR NOT 2021 This fun-for-all-ages annual is bound to delight. Complete with...

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