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Geo Journey is all about making learning fun! Our products together with our adorable characters Geo and Atlas are designed to help children learn about the world without even realising all the amazing things they are learning!

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"I've got a 6 year old boy who now asks me lots of questions about different countries on the map! He can't wait to get more post from Geo and Atlas."

– Lucy B, Durham

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Holiday at Home This Year With Geo and Atlas

May 23, 2020 Holiday at Home This Year With Geo and Atlas

Unfortunately, international travel isn’t on the horizon for a while because of Coronavirus. But don’t worry as you can holiday from home with Geo and Atlas!  Travel the globe from the comfort of your own home. Your children can stay safe whilst having fun, learning and exploring from home. Holiday at Home This Year With Geo and Atlas  Geo Journey is a subscription box for your children to learn more about the world. The explorer kit has everything they will need to become explorers from home including a suitcase, travel journal, passport, map, stickers and activities which will come in...

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Six Best Learning Resources for Primary School Children

May 23, 2020 Six Best Learning Resources for Primary School Children

Since the closure of schools in March due to COVID-19, many parents have had to add home-schooling to their list of many things to do. This is likely to be new territory to many parents - but don't worry as there are so many amazing resources online. Luckily remote learning is at hand! It is important that primary school children are still learning whilst at home where possible during the Coronavirus pandemic. Check out some of these websites for some of the best learning resources for your young ones. Best Learning Resources for Primary School Children  1) National Geographic Kids Learn...

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How to Keep Learning at Home

May 23, 2020 How to Keep Learning at Home

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us around the world are staying at home. Staying at home helps stop the spread of the virus and will help life get back to normal as quickly as possible. It is a scary and uncertain time for everyone and on top of this many of us are expected to home school our children to keep their learning up to date. Life has changed drastically for many people. Whether it’s social distancing when you go to the supermarket, working from home, not being able to hug your family members or home schooling your children,...

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