The best Christmas gift 

Liz on Jan 22, 2019

Purchased for our boys as a Christmas gift they could share and so far this has been a big hit. They love the letters and getting mail addressed to them and its nice hearing them chat about it. Really good value too considering the quality of everything.



I bought two of these at Christmas for my grandchildren. They love them and look forward to receiving their monthly packs.
Their customer service is excellent 😀😀😀


Amazing unique personal gift

Not only an amazing unique personal gift to fuel the curiosity of the young mind (that’s tangible not online!) But a fun educational gift that keeps giving as its something for your little one to enjoy every month... and how nice to get excited about actual physical post delivery!

In addition to the product being 5 star, the personal care and attention taken with the quick, helpful communication and can help attitude was second to none.

We will be back (this is going to be a go to gift for all occasions) love it!


His Face Lit Up

My son had his second letter come through week before last all about Egypt. He was over the moon as he’d been studying all about the Egyptians In year 3 before lockdown. Thank you I have recommended these it’s a great subscription.
He was so shocked that you knew to send an Egypt pack because he loves it so much his face lit up it was lovely (8 year old boys can be hard to please) x


Looks fantastic

Received our Geo Journey today. Really impressed with the quality and content can't wait to start it!


From one journey to another!

My son loved the Space journey so much, he was so upset when it finished and there was no more mail from Atlas and Geo. We are now doing the Geo journey and it is every bit as good. He loves finding out where they are going each month and marking off the places on the map. The products are great!


Missing it already!

I have two boys ages 5 years and 8 years. One had the space journey and the other the geography journey. They loved getting their parcel with info, photos and little present each month. This was very educational but in a fun way. They used to take them into school and the teacher was amazed by them. My little boy now wants to travel to all the places the dog and owl have been. I’m hoping for a second series as we are already missing them. Thank you geo journey. X


Nicola Robinson

"A brilliant xmas gift for all ages"

Mrs Forster

What a fantastic idea! Tilly loves the little case, it goes all over with us now! She also gets so excited to get her mail. And I just love that’s she’s learning something too."

Mr Woods

"Having tried a few subscriptions for our children, what sets this one apart is the quality. It’s just brilliant value. We especially love the little suitcase which is perfect for storing all the letters and souvenirs. The children seem to be learning a lot too which is a real bonus!"

Sara Watts

"I absolutely love this, everything about it! The letters are brilliant, my daughter is learning loads. She loves reading them. We are about half way through now as i think its a year long adventure. It just seems to be getting better, I wish it was longer."

Lee James

"This is a great idea for a gift, i love how my Niece gets something each month through the post as well as the initial Christmas gift i gave to her. As a teacher i like the idea that shes learning too and she seems to be getting a lot out of it as shes now full of travel related facts and points out to me on the map the places she has received packages from. I May well look at getting her the space themed one next year."


"I home educate my daughter so decided to give this a try as had read about it on a Home Ed group. So glad I did. It takes all the hard work out of lesson planning, and my daughter just loves it. The characters are so engaging and she has really learned a lot. We went for the 6 month pack but I'm hoping there will be a way for us to continue as i would like her to finish the 12 month journey."


"Got my geo adventure kit 2 day thank u very much think Tia will have fun & learn a lot from it."

S Woodward

"This pack is aimed at children aged 4 to 10 and I’d say that is pretty much spot on. It’s a truly lovely gift that will be enjoyed for 12 months and definitely treasured for years to come as well."

Laura B

"Effie started her Geo Journey today and she is over the moon with It. I can't wait to see her face when she gets the next package."

Ben C

"I bought this for my nephew who has always loved maps and he’s really enjoying the adventures with Geo and Atlas. The Russia pack was his favourite and he gets really excited every month when post arrives for him! We’re going to do the Space Journey next year if he’s on Santa’s nice list!"

Kimberley Bell

"For months now, every time I take my daughter for ice cream she is always picking up geo journey cards and saying she would really love to have one bought for her. I finally got round to ordering it and it has been delivered today. She is over the moon with it all! She’s thoroughly enjoying filling in her travel journal and is loving her passport and letter addresses to her! We really look forward to receiving post about other countries 😁 thank you!"

Rebecca Burbridge

"My Daughter received her 1st Geo Journey today and was super excited and hasn't put the suitcase down yet!!! I also am very impressed."

Lexie, Sunderland

"This has been the very best present ever, I love learning about the world and all the pictures and gifts are great to show my little sisters! "

Teddy Smith, Blackpool

"I love it when my Geo Journey arrives every month. I read everything with Mummy and we love making the journal pages and finding countries on my map. I hope Father Christmas gives me this present again next year x"

Tom Robinson, Whitley Bay

"I enjoyed the French pack best because I like the Eiffel Tower and I liked reading about the French food. I look forward to finding out the next country at the end of the letter."

USA themed monthly subscription gift for children

Felicity Ford, Leeds

"I have two children aged 7 and 4. They received this kit as a Christmas present. We are on destination 7 now. They have both loved receiving the parcel and are always eager to read the letter and see what they have been sent. The big storage box is great to keep it all in one place which allows you to go back to it and do a bit at a time. We have the map up and the kids often look at it which is great for getting a feel of the world. It has been great for all of us to do. Brilliant idea. "

Ava-May, Leeds

"I look forward every month to receive my letter from Geo and Atlas to find out where they are visiting. It is exciting to learn about new places and to receive a gift from each place to remind me of where they have been. I like to learn a little about different countries about their food and customs. I really enjoy this gift and it gives me something to look forward to."

Jessica Middlemas, Consett

"I really enjoy my parcels I get every month I love to see the photos and the gifts. They are fun and exciting. I look forward to where Geo and Atlas go next! I am going to be travel journalist when I grow up."

LP Dance in Education, Tyne and Wear

"I initially purchased Geo Journey as a learning resource for my two daughters. The information is all well researched and child friendly and my daughters eagerly look forward to receiving their parcels through the post each month (as do I) I also use the map and resources as an integral part of my ‘Around the World’ Scheme of work for creative educational dance. Having visual resources in a dance helps develop a child’s understanding of a specific theme or topic making their learning become real and alive. " 

Kate Horton, Leeds

"Brilliant, just brilliant!"

Jill, Redcar

"Got my geo adventure kit 2 day thank u very much think Tia will have fun & learn a lot from it."

Laura Prince , Whitley Bay

"My daughters aged 3 and 6 received their Geo Journey kit as a Christmas present from their Grandmother. They have loved sticking in all the stickers to their journals and passports and are so excited about receiving the next lot of information from Geo and Atlas from their next stop which I believe is Paris. This is a fantastic, fun and educational resource which brings the whole family together to learn and discover!"

Chinese themed monthly gift subscription for children


Lucy B, Durham

"I've got a 6 year old boy who now asks me lots of questions about different countries on the map! He can't wait to get more post from Geo and Atlas."

Sam, Nottingham

"I'm using Geo Journey as part of my home schooling programme and all the kids think it's great. I use it as a springboard to teach them about different places. The letters from Atlas and Geo are very engaging."

Joan, County Durham

"Just had to write and let you know that we received the package today and the response from Erin was immediate. She loved the bag and understood the concept straight away. She couldn't wait to get started and filled out the luggage label straight away. She made up number 99 for her passport and filled in the details.

She stuck the union jack in the journal and cannot wait for the next thing arriving in the post, so excited. The whole concept initiated a lot of dialogue and role play. She loves looking at maps anyway and has followed her granddad's travels on an Early Learning world map so she is quite familiar with countries and capitals. She said, "I wonder if they'll travel to Russia or N. America" and she pointed to them on the map. She packed her bag and said "I'm setting off on my travels. I've really got to go now. We've got to get on the train. Let's climb aboard. We're setting off to London Station". She had the settee all made up like a train with teddies as passengers. I would say the whole idea is a great success and very educational.

Without the child realising they are learning facts - great fun. The only question that arose that I couldn't answer was when we were talking about Geo and Atlas and Erin said, "Are these chaps really real?" P.S Erin loved the puzzle sheet too and immediately completed the maze and she loves word search puzzles so that was perfect for her. We also loved the presentation box and the bag. You have thought of everything. "

Emma, Manchester

"Just received the adventure kit and love it! So pleased to have found something a little different to give to my daughter for her birthday."

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