About Geo Journey

Inspire children to learn about the world in a fun way.

Geo Journey is all about making learning fun and inspiring young imaginations!

Start with one of our adventure kits for little explorers or little astronauts.

Little Explorers

The adventure kits come with everything they need including a cute mini suitcase, travel journal and passport, as well as stickers, photos, and a travel ticket so they make a start on their travel journal straight away.   Then from January exciting country packs are posted out to build a unique travel journal and passport the child can keep forever.

Kids will learn all about different countries and cultures by following the adventures of our lovable characters Geo and Atlas who visit different countries.  The adventure kit and all of the country packs come with a fact filled letter from Geo and Atlas detailing their adventures and teaching little ones about capital cities, popular foods, cultural events and famous landmarks.  They might even learn a few new words in French, Spanish or Italian!

Little Astronauts

Space Journey is exactly the same concept only children learn all about our amazing solar system.

Geo and Atlas travel into space and visit the planets -they even meet an alien friend! 

The little astronaut kit is packed with all the essentials for their missions including a space suitcase, mission log book, astronaut passport, photos and stickers.

We hope you and your child enjoy the adventures!

About the creator

Geo Journey was created by Christina Armstrong.

Christina Armstrong is a former solicitor who left the legal world to do something altogether more fun.

It all started when Christina wanted to teach her own children about different countries and cultures in a fun way and created the characters Geo the owl and Atlas the puppy.

Now it's hoped that Geo and Atlas can inspire creative learning in lots of children all over the world!