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Teaching children about the world is so important. Not only do we want our children to care about and have knowledge about the world around them, but we went to encourage them to explore it! There's a big wide world out there and so much to see and do! Owning a fantastic map can really help with this but with several maps for kids on the market, which one should you buy?

 Geo Journey Map – This is a A1size colourful map of the world. The map is perfect for kids aged 4-10 and is easy to read showing all of the countries, continents, oceans and seas very clearly. The colours are eye-catching and the map is scattered with fun facts about the world such as “Koalas sleep for 22 hours a day, 2 hours more than a sloth!” and “Dinosaurs became extinct before the Rockies or the Alps were formed.” The map also features the Geo Journey travelling characters,  Atlas the puppy and Geo the owl.

 Handy Essentials Kids World Map – This map is made with high quality vinyl and is easy to peel and stick on the wall. It is also easy to remove. It comes with a dry erase pen so children can mark and draw or write on the map. It can be used for décor at home or educational décor in the classroom. The map is bright and colourful, designed to capture children's imagination.

 Collins World Map – This up to date map has a scale of 1:22 000 000 or 1cm to 220km. It is very detailed and perhaps aimed at older children or teenagers. The map shows countries, oceans, main roads, railways, cities and towns and also includes national flags and key statistics on each country including the area of each country in square miles and kilometres, population size, national currency and capital city. Perfect for those looking for lots of information on a map or those studying geography at school.

 Nursery world map poster – of all the maps for kids we have looked at , this one is aimed specifically at younger, nursery aged children and is the ideal first map. This very simple map features lots of cute animal images and is bright and colourful, perfect for a nursery wall. While not fact filled it does name the oceans and will give little ones a good idea of where things are in the world.

 Maps for kids are a fantastic resource to have in the home, to encourage early learning of geography and basic knowledge of the world. Our favourite is the Geo Journey Map, excellent value for money and filled with fun facts, its the perfect addition to any playroom wall.


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