Best Subscription Box Gifts For Grandkids

Need an idea for ongoing gifts for the grandkids? Why not choose a subscription box! These popular gifts are fun and educational, and can be personalised to your grandchildren’s interests so you know they’re learning and enjoying your gifts at the same time.

We’ve collected a selection of the best subscription gifts for grandkids, so you’ll be able to chat with them about the box from you that comes through their door every month!

  1. Geo Journey

Geo Journey Subscription Box

Best for: little explorers!

This exciting subscription pack will open the world up to your grandchild. Start with a fantastic explorer kit to introduce your grandchild the world of Geo Journey, including personalised letters from Geo the owl and Atlas the puppy. Then receive exciting country-themed packs each month, packed with fun activities and special memorabilia from that month’s country. Make sure you collect your global goodies in your explorer suitcase – ranging from an Australian boomerang to mini Dutch clogs!

What’s included:

  • Starter explorer kit to store all your Geo Journey treats.
  • Letters and photos from Geo the owl and Atlas the puppy.
  • Exclusive gift from a different country each month.

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  1. Mud and Bloom

Best for: kids who love bugs!

Recommended by The Guardian and Country Living, this subscription pack for 3-8 year olds is ideal for developing your grandchildren’s green fingers. Each month, they’ll receive four different sets of seeds and supplies for exciting garden activities. And Mud and Bloom make sure to teach children lots about nature, too, with fun games to teach kids about animals and plants. This subscription box is accessible to all families – whether their garden space is big or small or anything in-between.

What’s included:

  • Gardening activities that cater to the seasons.
  • Biodegradable seeds and organic peat-free compost pellets.
  • Teacher-created activities supporting the national curriculum.

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  1. Pancake Of The Month

Best for: kids with a sweet tooth!

After all the online learning your grandkids have been doing, they’ve definitely earned a special treat! Send a delicious subscription box to their door every month, with a pancake recipe and pre-measured ingredients for them to rustle up their dessert themselves. As if that’s not enough, these pancakes come in servings of four, so Mum or Dad might be able to drop one or two off for you – if the little ones don’t devour them all first!

What’s included:

  • An exciting range of pancake flavours including fruity Raspberry and White Chocolate, and gooey Rocky Road.
  • Recipes to help the little ones along.
  • A hot meal donated to someone who really needs it for every pancake mix sold.

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  1. Space Journey

Best for: budding science lovers!

Gift this out-of-this-world subscription box to your grandchildren! They’ll receive an astronaut’s suitcase with a starter pack to their extra-terrestrial adventure, complete with a bumper map of the solar system, an astronaut kit, and fact profiles on our own home planet. Then the monthly planet packs will start zooming through their letterbox! Geo the owl and Atlas the puppy will send your grandchildren letters about their space missions, along with fun activity packs and special space souvenirs.

What’s included:

  • A fun-filled starter astronaut pack and a suitcase to store all of their Space Journey goodies in
  • Personalised packages focusing on a new planet every month
  • Fun gifts like astronaut food and space sunglasses

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  1. Zaza’s Storybox

Best for: early readers!

Introduce your grandchildren to the wonderful world of reading with these sweet subscription boxes. Catered for 0-2 year olds, each of these dynamic boxes contain two books for early readers and engaging activities tailored to the content of them. Stimulate their imagination and ask them questions about which books were their favourite – and whenever it’s possible to visit them, you can enjoy the books together!

What’s included:

  • Two thoughtfully-chosen books delivered to their door
  • Reading toolsets to develop language and listening skills
  • Themed toys and activities to encourage storytelling and book-inspired play

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