Great ways to use Geo Journey in Schools

Read about great ways to use Geo Journey in schools.  It's the perfect tool to get kids engaged and learn in a fun way.

Primary - All Years

Put the map on the classroom wall and update it each month. It would be a great way to discover more about the location, language, culture and custom of a new country each month. Could capitalise on this by teaching a few lessons linked to this each month.

Stamp the passport each month and make notes in the travel journal.

Children could write replies to the letters from Geo and Atlas - would be an ideal way to link Geography and English.

Pack the items from the latest installment of Geo Journey into a suitcase (or the bag/box) and reveal one clue at a time to see if the children can work out which country it is.

Teachers could teach the children more phrases in the local language, or task the children to find out more for themselves.

Copy Trekker Trial puzzles for everyone in class to try. Good for problem solving/lateral thinking.

Link to art by asking children to draw country flags or make their own travel tickets.


Primary Years 1-3 

Why not send the bag home with children for children to take a teddy on an adventure in their world?  They could add photos/writing to a class scrapbook to record the adventures.

Primary Years 4-6

One idea is to link to Maths with currency - children could do some work around converting one currency to another (good use of multiplication with a real life context).

Fact cards - these would be a great starting point for children to carry out further independent research on cmputers or ipads.

Could write letters to Atlas & Geo explaining what they have discovered (using relevant sentence openers e.g. Did you know...? Interestingly,).

Stickers - Give each child a sticker saying "ask me where I travelled today?" to spark further conversation and learning at home. 

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