Holiday at Home This Year With Geo and Atlas

Unfortunately, international travel isn’t on the horizon for a while because of Coronavirus. But don’t worry as you can holiday from home with Geo and Atlas! 

Travel the globe from the comfort of your own home. Your children can stay safe whilst having fun, learning and exploring from home.

Holiday at Home This Year With Geo and Atlas 

Geo Journey is a subscription box for your children to learn more about the world. The explorer kit has everything they will need to become explorers from home including a suitcase, travel journal, passport, map, stickers and activities which will come in your first month’s subscription.

After this, they’ll get monthly personalised packages where they’ll be able to learn about a new country each month with fun and creative activities and a souvenir!

Geo Journey for Kids  

Fun and Educational

These monthly subscription boxes are a great way for your children to continue to learn whilst staying at home. Incorporate Geo Journey activities into home schooling with the help of the mascots; Geo and Atlas. Find out the traditional cuisine of Italy, learn how to say ‘hello’ in Japanese, and explore where tigers live. Geo Journey features Geography Key Stages 1 and 2 content so you can ensure your children will be learning sufficiently at home. 

Geo and Atlas are the mascots of Geo Journey and will soon become your children’s best friend! Each month your child will get updates from Geo the owl and his best friend Atlas the puppy on their adventures around the world. Your child will learn about their travels with a fun letter full of facts about the country they’re visiting.

Without leaving the home and with the help of Geo and Atlas, your child can travel the globe, learn key facts about different countries and even collect souvenirs! Ideal for children aged 4-10, Geo Journey is a great educational way to keep your child entertained during the current pandemic. 

Map of the World

Your children will be able to brush up on their geography skills with the Geo Journey map of the world. They will be able to learn key facts and the locations of different countries across the globe. Developing knowledge of the world and improving geography skills is good for children of all ages. Whilst children are being educated at home, why not let them learn in a fun and interactive way with Geo Journey. 

Map of the World

Geo Journey Passport

The Geo Journey Passport will help your child feel like a real-world traveller! Each month they will be able to add their location stickers to their passport after learning about the country from Geo and Atlas. 

Each subscription pack will be full of gifts from Geo and Atlas. After visiting a new country, they will update your child with key facts, fun activities, stickers and a souvenir from the country.

Kids Subscription Gift

Travel the World from Home

From England and Australia to Japan and Egypt, this is an excellent way to learn more about different countries, languages and cultures. There are 12 countries to collect which each contain creative fun and a souvenir. Each month your child can fill their suitcase with exciting gifts and fill out their passport and travel journal.   

Although you may not get to go on holiday this year due to coronavirus, Geo Journey is a great way for your children to learn and explore the globe without leaving home. Packed full of facts and information, fun activities and travel-related goodies, your children will be able to learn about countries across the globe and beyond. 

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