Learning Toys for 5 Year Olds

Looking for learning toys for 5 year olds? At age 5 children soak up information like sponges and they love the learn without even realising they are learning.  With learning toys they will be having so much fun and yet learning things at the same time.

The key with learning toys and 5 year olds is FUN! Whatever they are into be it dinosaurs, princesses, super heroes, building there are a lot of educational toys out there that can fit in with these themes.

Some learning toys might be specifically academic to improve reading or writing for example.  Others might be just to help them take in information about things around them such as geography, space, construction and problem solving amongst other things.

Tell the Time Set by Galt Toys

This cool gift teaches children to tell the time in no time at all! No pun intended! It has a step by step guide inside as well as some brilliant game ideas.  It also comes with the equipment you need for the games such as dice and vinyl stickers.

This toy would be ideally suited to a 5 year old but even older children could make the most of this too so it could be shared with older siblings.  This is a life skill that once learned will give them a head start when they come to learn this at school too. 

As well as learning to tell the time the toy also teaches the concept of time using things like egg timers.

The reviews of this learning toy are excellent with one person saying, "Excellent little game! My daughter learned to tell the time in one weekend using this! Easy to use and fun!"  It gets our vote if it teaches a child to learn the time in one weekend.  

Galt Toys Rainbow Lab Kit

Another favourite of ours from Galt Toys is this Rainbow Lab science set to encourage early STEM learning and scientific thinking while having fun!  This fabulous kit contains no less than 12 experiments and a 24 page lab book so children can write up their findings. 

This is a really gender neutral kit and we can see both boys and girls loving these experiments.  Just some of the exciting tools include test tubes, stickers, mixing tray, goggles, pipette and much more.  Your 5 year old will be a little scientist in the lab before you know it!

Some of our favourite experiments include creating a rainbow in a test tube and growing jelly like crystals in various colours.  This is a learning toy with real WOW factor.

We found some excellent reviews from family members who had bought this for a 5 year old. One said, "Bought for grandson's 5th birthday. We spent about 2 hrs doing experiments. He loved it and spent the next week before and after school doing his own! Good value for money, educational and fun."  Another review said, "Bought this for my 5 year old Neice for Christmas. She's science mad and thoroughly enjoyed it."  Clear evidence that this is a fab learning toy for 5 year olds!

Outdoor Explorer Kit & Bug Catcher Set

I bought this for my own little boy's 5th birthday and can honestly say that both him and his sister had hours of fun with it.  They were out in the garden like proper little explorers and I loved that it was a fun thing to do away from screens and other modern distractions.

This cute set comes with a backpack to keep everything in and has all the explorer essentials such as binoculars, torch, compass, magnifying glass, butterfly net and backpack,

Top marks for this learning toy as it supports STEM Learning and encourages scientific exploration and a love of nature.  Who doesn't want that? I always teach my children to be very respectful of the bugs they catch and make sure they are returned to where they are caught unharmed.  

With a number of 5 star reviews we can see why this explorer kit is so popular.  One of the reviews that stood out states. "Have bought two of these for my grandchildren and they absolutely adore them. Has everything for a budding nature lover."

Children could use these in their own gardens or they could be taken on days out, holidays and adventures.  It would make a brilliant gift for a holiday in the UK for example a camping or lodge break.

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