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Italy; oh how our stomachs and taste buds love you, yet our hips dislike you. Italian food is a firm favourite for British diners and done right, there’s a very good reason why! Simple, yet delicious, authentic food; hand stretched pizzas and home-made sauces, there’s no wonder we go mad for a taste of the Med.

If you’re lucky enough to be taking Geo and Atlas with you on your summer hols this year, you’ll know they are already well travelled, and have given a top 10 list of ‘must eat’ foods when it comes to eating in the home of the Vatican.

Pizza Margherita
Traditional Italian pizza is thin crust and not topped in heaps of cheese like the British version. It’s a very light, yet delicious pizza with fresh tomato, basil, mozzarella and olive oil.

Pasta Carbonara
Known to be a creamy pasta dish in Europe, the Italians actually omit the cream! The combination of egg, bacon, Romano cheese and white wine served with rigatoni or spaghetti is a must try while in Italy; it’ll make you wonder what on earth we’ve been dishing up!

Risotto di Mare
A famous dish in Venice is seafood and mushroom risotto; it’s served with some of the freshest seafood which gives the most amazing flavours.

We do have a good version of this over here in the UK, but obviously the Italians do it better. Try it wrapped around a delicious ball of buffalo mozzarella served with a balsamic glaze; you won’t be disappointed.

Caffee AKA Coffee
Known as caffee, it’s actually just a shot of espresso. If you order a coffee, traditionally you’ll get a shot of the Italian Espresso. You can order a milky brew, but you have to be specific in what you’d like so know your coffee lingo before you go.

Ice cream AKA Gelato
There is no shortage of ice cream emporiums (Gelatorias) in Italy, nor flavours for that matter. Whether you prefer something fruity, nutty, or even alcoholic, you’re bound to find an ice cream taste sensation in Italy.

Like gelato, Tiramisu can be found with a variety of different flavours. Most are the traditional alternating layers of cake and cream, but some restaurants create the tiramisu in ice cream glasses, which feature bulk layers of cream and one thin layer of cake, whilst others vary the flavour to give their own twist to the traditional dish.

If you’re heading to Italy this year, be sure to try some of these fantastic dishes, Geo & Atlas promise you won’t be disappointed ;)

Till next time GJ x


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