The battle of the planets - Continued…

Geo and Atlas recently flew to outer space and when they returned to earth, wrote some guides on the best planets out there. You may have seen our guide about the battle of the four rocky planets but now it’s time for the four remaining planets to go head to head. The two gas planets; Jupiter and Saturn vs the two ice planets; Uranus and Neptune.

As you probably know, Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system and has a large amount of moons orbiting it; 69 to be exact. As a giant gas planet, it is mainly made up of hydrogen and helium so you’ll feel as light as a feather when you’re exploring. But you have to be aware of the storm called ‘the great red spot’ which is Jupiter’s equivalent to a horrendous earthquake. It forms around the planets equator, so you must stay safe and avoid this when visiting! 

Jupiter’s neighbour and second largest planet is Saturn. Although Saturn is also a gas planet, it is different to Jupiter as its core is mixed with liquid hydrogen and helium, which gives Saturn that unique marble like surface. However, Saturn is most famous for the prominent ring feature that wraps around the planet. It is a sight that you should not miss when visiting outer space.
First up on the other side of this debate is Uranus. It’s commonly known as an ice planet because of the icy cold surface made up of water, hydrogen and methane. Uranus is said to be the coldest in our solar system - Geo and Atlas were freezing and had to wear snow suits for their whole visit! So if you’re planning to make a trip, don’t forget to wrap up warm, we don’t want you catching cold!

Finally, the battle ends with Neptune- the planet furthest away from the sun and the second ‘ice planet’. It is made up of ammonia, water and hydrogen and is one of the coldest in our solar system due to its rocky ice core. 
Although Geo and Atlas had a great time exploring the remaining four planets, they came to the decision that Saturn is a planet that you just can’t miss out on! If you do blast off to outer space, tag us in your travel photos, we would love to see them!
Until next time, GJ x

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