Six Best Learning Resources for Primary School Children

Since the closure of schools in March due to COVID-19, many parents have had to add home-schooling to their list of many things to do. This is likely to be new territory to many parents - but don't worry as there are so many amazing resources online. 

Luckily remote learning is at hand! It is important that primary school children are still learning whilst at home where possible during the Coronavirus pandemic. Check out some of these websites for some of the best learning resources for your young ones.

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Best Learning Resources for Primary School Children

1) National Geographic Kids

Learn about the environment, animals, space and so much more online at the National Geographic Kids. As a great home-schooling resource, you will be able to discover fun and interesting facts, take part in quizzes and access a wide range of primary resources.

The primary resources are from core subjects including history, science, geography, English, maths, art and design, and PSHE. Your children will be able to learn about Tutankhamun’s treasures, buzz about bees, the solar system, phonics, animal language and the second world war which are all free and ready for you to access and print at home. 

With helpful information about the different content and objectives from the national curriculum, you will easily be able to customize your home schooling for children of all ages. Simply sign up to the National Geographic Kids website and get access to the primary resources which you can download on your computer to use or print for your children to fill out, colour in and interactive with. 

Learn about Nature

2) BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize has been providing online learning resources for over 2 decades and has become a lifesaver for families around the country for home schooling. With specific content for primary school children with the option of key stage 1 and 2, you can access a wide range of resources for all different subjects. Choose from core subjects such as English, maths and science as well as music, geography, design and technology, and art and design. Each subject has a variety of subject guides, games and new lessons every weekday so there is always something new for your children to try.

The new lessons each day have been created since the start of the closure of schools. Simply pick your children’s year group and get access to daily English and maths lessons made exclusively for home-schooling. There are also other subjects available a couple of times a week including geography, science, history and more.

You will also be able to access the previous lessons so you will have a wide range of content for your children. So whether you need to teach a specific topic, or want to follow the content produced each day, BBC Bitesize is an excellent resource will so much content for your primary school children.

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3) Primary Resources

Primary Resources is packed full of resources for primary school children. The website has been designed for primary school teachers to access and has a wide range of lesson plans, activities and much more. You’ll find everything you need to home school your primary school children from teaching phonics and grammar to learning about the Great Fire of London and World War II.   

There is a wide range of resources available online at Primary Resources. You’ll be able to find resources such as worksheets and ideas and lesson plans to print, PDFs to follow and PowerPoints to help teach your children from the comfort of your living room or garden. Everything on the site is free and ideal for teaching your primary school children the national curriculum at home. 

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4) Mangahigh

Mangahigh is a great Maths resource that can help children practice their Maths skills and learn more about coding. The site has engaging activities for children to help boost their skills on numbers, algebra, geometry, measurements and probability. The easy to use site works on all devices so your children can work at home on a laptop, computer or tablet. 

Mangahigh is an exciting and fun way for your children to learn at home. With fun and interactive games and quizzes, personalisation and feedback reports so you can track their progress, this is a great way to teach maths at home.

This resource is particularly useful for children who often struggle with maths. With access to thousands of games and quizzes that are engaging, exciting and educational, your children can improve their maths skills online. Designed for primary school children aged 5-16, you will find everything your children would normally learn in the classroom online at Mangahigh. 

Geo Journey Map of the World

5) Geo Journey

With a subscription to Geo Journey your child will receive a special gift each month from Geo and Atlas. With the first month of subscription, they will receive a mini suitcase, travel journal, passport and map to become world explorers from home.

For the consecutive months, they will receive a new package with a fun letter from Geo and Atlas on their travels and facts from a new country as well as stickers, activities and a souvenir. Incorporate as part of home-schooling geography with Geo Journey.

Your children will learn key facts about different countries, discover the locations of countries on the world map, and find out the capital cities for each country their new friends and mascots of Geo Journey, Geo and Atlas visit. 

Ideal for primary school children aged 4-10, Geo Journey is the perfect way for your child to learn all about different countries from home. Personalised with your child’s name every month and packed full of facts, this is a fun and creative way to learn about the world.  

6) Space Journey

Learn all about the solar system at home with the Space Journey subscription.  Follow Geo and Atlas on their Space adventure and learn about a new planet each month.  Fun and educational it's a great way to keep up with this part of the curriculum at home.  This subject is often taught at Reception level and children love learning about the universe!

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