The Cities of the World Cup 2018

Do you know what the biggest country in the world is? Well, Geo and Atlas are about to tell you all about their recent travels to the country that spans 9-time zones and has a surface area almost the same size at Pluto… Russia. With the 2018 World Cup in full swing, Geo and Atlas took a trip to some of the Russian cities where the games have taken place this year.



Being the capital city, Moscow is the main tourist destination in Russia. The famous Red Square is located in Moscow, it’s known as the heart and soul of Russia. Did you know, the Russian word for red is krasnaya, but, when the Red Square was built, krasnaya actually meant beautiful. Just south of the Red Square is one of the most famous buildings in Russia, do you recognise it? It is named St Basil’s Cathedral, the multicoloured, patterned building which became the symbol of the country.

Saint Petersburg

Next, Geo and Atlas took a trip to Saint Petersburg which was once the capital of Russia, until the Russian Revolution of 1917. Following the success of the revolution, Vladimir Lenin moved the capital city to Moscow, as he feared the possibility of a foreign invasion. Now, St Petersburg is still known as the imperial capital, Geo and Atlas recommend bringing your fanciest outfits to this city as it has over 30 palaces!


Pack your swim shorts and your beach balls, we’re going to the beach! Sochi is known as the ‘Russian Riviera’, a city with beautiful sunsets, waterfalls and beaches on the coast of the Black Sea. Geo and Atlas recommend taking a boat trip – you might even spot a dolphin. As well as having fun at the beach, Sochi is also known for having snow capped mountains. Now that’s a strange holiday to pack for!

If you’re lucky enough to head to Russia for this year's World Cup, make sure to tag us in your pictures, Geo and Atlas would love to see you visiting their favourite places in Russia!

Till next time, GJ x

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