The Great American Road Trip

With so many diverse states, road tripping in America seems to be on the bucket list for every global traveller. It was no different for Geo and Atlas; they always wanted to experience everything America had to offer and so they did. After travelling through many states, they made this guide of the best places for children to visit, so your family road-trip will be memorable and jam-packed with fun.

No children’s road trip is complete without a visit to the Disney and Universal theme parks of Orlando.  Packed with iconic characters, fun rides and themed hotels, your children will immerse themselves in the magic of theme parks and experience the most memorable trip of their childhood – oh, and we’re sure you’re a Disney lover at heart, too.

At first glance, Texas may not seem the most fun place for children but it is home to Dinosaur Valley, the US Space and Rocket centre and Schlitterbahn Waterpark- voted the best waterpark in the world! Your children could track the footprints of dinosaurs, experience space in a rocket take-off ride and slide down the most dramatic waterslides in America.  So, with all of this to offer, Texas is definitely worth a stop on the road-trip.

California - LA
The streets of LA are as iconic as the people who have walked them, and it is a must see stop on your great American road trip. With the walk of fame, the Hollywood sign and Hollywood glamour flooding the streets, the city has a plenty sites for your children to see. There is also the world famous TV Studio tour of Warner Brothers, so your little ones can visit the sets of their favourite TV shows and shock their friends with amazing on-set photos.

California - San Francisco 

San Francisco is an iconic city and the final stop of our road-trip.  Home to the golden gate bridge, Pier 39 and the infamous Alcatraz Island, your children will have plenty to experience in this city and they’re sure to be entertained until the sun sets.


Geo and Atlas loved their road trip around America and they’re sure that if you follow their guide, you will have the greatest family holiday of your life. Be sure to tag us in any of your holiday photos!

Until next time, GJ x

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