Top 5 Educational Subscriptions for Kids

Educational subscriptions for kids are all the rage! Its a rapidly growing market with parents eager to encourage their children to learn more at home while still having fun. Choosing the right subscription box can be tricky as there are a number of options and lots to consider. Here are our top 5 choices to help you decide.


1 Geo Journey

This Multi Award winning subscription box offers children the chance to take a trip around the globe with adorable characters Geo and Atlas. Children start with a high quality explorer kit containing a map, journal, passport, stickers, activity book and photographs and well as a introductory letter. Subsequent monthly packs addressed directly to the child will contain letters about the next installments in Atlas and Geo's adventures along with cool souvenirs such as a boomerang from Australia or a Russian doll.


Children can build up the journal with the photos and fact cards that they are sent. They will also be learning along the way about capital cities, languages, foods and culture. Its easy to see why this subscription has bagged a few awards! Priced from just £12 per month it is one of the more reasonably priced educational subscription boxes for kids available. The subscription is aimed at children aged 4-10


Geo Journey Kids Subscription >>


 2 Space Journey

By the makers of Geo Journey Space Journey follows the same concept but has a out of this world theme! This time children get to follow the characters Geo and Atlas on their adventure around the solar system and learn about a new planet every month. The initial astronaut kit is high quality and comes with a mission log book to track the journey and there is a large map of the solar system.


The fact filled letters each month will be accompanied by activity books, photos, fact cards and souvenirs such as astronaut food or space glasses. Again this one is priced from just £12 per month. Space Journey picked up the Academics Choice Award in the brain toy category earlier this year.


Space Journey Subscription for Kids >>


3 KiwiCo

 Hands on Science and art based subscription boxes for kids. There are a range of boxes available so you can decide whether you have a budding young artist or a little chemist in your house hold, then select the type of box and the age range appropriate.


Boxes include creative materials, a parental guide, a magazine and online tips and tutorials to help along the way. Priced at around 15.72 per month its a fair price considering its all been designed by educators and the activities are well thought out.


 4 Curiosity Box

Subscription boxes for the little mad scientists in your life! Choose pico boxes which contain 1 activity, Nano which contain 2 or jumbo if you want 3-4 activities plus collectables. All experiments come with safety equipment where needed and clear instructions. An example of an experiment is the Cool Comet Fizzers where kids can have a blast making there own comets (which are a bit like bath bombs only way more fun!)


Curiosity box are also eager to promote these boxes into schools and there are various school promotions available. The standard price for a box depends on the number of activities chosen but the middle box of 2 activities is priced at £11.95 per month including postage.


5 Willow and Wild

This subscription box is aimed at children aged 3-8 and is inspired by the great outdoors. The aim is to inspire children to earn about the changing seasons life cycles of animals and plants and also to teach them about healthy eating and to encourage them to explore outdoors and to get creative in the kitchen and start cooking. Boxes start at £9.75 per moth


There are many other subscription boxes for kids available but these five are a good place to start if you have a gift to buy and are looking for something with a educational element and good value.


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