Top 5 Learning Platforms for Schools

A learning platform is an online resource designed to aid children’s learning, in addition to the in-person lessons they receive in school.

Read on for our Top 5 Learning Platforms for Schools

It’s beneficial for the students themselves, by giving them a different style of learning to engage their brain differently. It can also make learning more fun, by making it feel like a game that they can enjoy, rather than having them simply sitting and listening to their teacher.

learning platform for schools

When used in school, the online platforms can create a collaborative learning environment that encourages children to work as a team and communicate with their peers. It’s also useful for the school, by creating a consistent method of learning across the various year groups.

It offers the school the opportunity to explore different methods of lesson delivery, using techniques that may not otherwise be possible without using the apps. Below are some of our favourite learning platforms for schools.

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1. Kahoot

This is a brilliant service for schools, with quizzes and trivia on a range of topics spanning the curriculum. Teachers can make their own question and answer tests, or use one of the countless quizzes available on the platform. Using their own individual devices, each child can be engaged by trying to work out the answer by themselves.

Or, children could share a device and work in teams. The lessons used can even be shared by teachers afterwards, so that children can practice in their own time. It’s perfect for children of any age, and the competitive element of each child trying to ‘win’ encourages active participation for all.

The nature of the quizzes makes it ideal for testing the children’s knowledge and retention after being taught a new topic and indicates which areas may need more attention.


2. Times Tables Rock Stars (Known as TT Rockstars)

This resource can be accessed online or even printed out to be used physically. It focuses on a specific times table for each week, helping children consolidate their learning step-by-step.

The format also helps student recall the previous times tables they’ve learnt in past weeks, to further solidify their learning. It does this in an engaging and entertaining way, with characters designed to guide children along the process.

Each pupil has their own account, which they can use to learn at their own pace. They can even compete in worldwide competitions, adding an extra element of fun to the learning. The teachers can keep on top of their progress with the reports produced by the website, allowing them to easily see which pupils may need more help. In Rock Arena mode, every student can get involved in a maths competition, which is a great way to test the whole class’s learning.


3. Quizlet

This website can be used both in school and at home, making it ideal for setting revision homework before a test. On this website, both teachers and students can make their own revision flashcards, on any topic or subject they choose. These can be accessed via computer or phone/tablet and can even be downloaded to be used offline.

There’s plenty of pre-made study sets available on the website to save time too, covering a range of curriculums and age ranges. Students can choose for themselves their preferred study modes, depending on what works best for them.

It means that creating the study sets is more efficient, as the same information can be given to all students but learnt in a way that is specific to their preferences. The study materials can be used by the teacher to engage collaborative working, making learning a more fun process.


4. Mathletics

Designed to make lesson planning simple, this website is brilliant for guiding the whole class through learning maths. It provides rewards for students along the way, making learning a more beneficial process for them.

With a simple interface designed to make the platform more friendly, it’s ideal for those who find maths intimidating. The website helps to create bench-marking assessments that easily allow the teacher to gauge the whole class’s learning, in a way which delivers everything that children need to easily learn their core maths skills.

The resource hub offers hundreds of problem-solving activities designed to engage the children and challenge them to think logically through their answer. Teachers also benefit from the class management tool, which helps to target individual students and help aid their learning according to what they need to focus on. This website has curricula from all over the world, for a range of ages, so is guaranteed to have everything needed for any school.


5. Reading Eggs

This bright and colourful platform is designed to help children learn to read by making it as fun as possible. It’s been crafted by literacy experts, so has been informed by real research into what works best for children. It’s useful for helping students reinforcing their learning, by focusing on retaining their motivation to keep practicing with creative rewards and characters to follow along the journey.

The site can be accessed at school, online, on computers and on phones/tablets, meaning teachers can set homework for children to practice at home with their parents. The website ensures that the lessons are appropriate for each child’s reading abilities, running a diagnostic test to ensure the delivery of the information and the tests are appropriate.

The interface is easy to navigate for both children and teachers, and the lessons are designed to be entertaining, allowing children to remain engaged in their learning.


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