Top 6 Educational Toys for 1 Year Olds

Are you looking for fun yet educational toys for your one year old?

Make playing fun and educational with this selection of education toys especially chosen for 1 year olds. Learning through play is one of the best ways to keep your child engaged and help them to develop their skills. 

It’s not too early to start encouraging your child to progress and what better way to do it than with these interactive and eye-catching educational toys. 

Here’s our Top 6 Educational Toys for 1 Year Olds

#1 - Learning Cube

Ideal for: Learning the Basics

Educational Activity Center Block Toy for Infants Babies Toddlers for 6 Month and up

Make learning second nature with this interactive learning cube. Help your child learn the alphabet, number and colours with the push of a button. Once they’ve mastered those, move onto animals and musical instruments. 

This learning cube is sure to get your baby dancing thanks to its ability to play music. Create a world of excitement from the end of a fingertip and teach your child to express themselves through both words and movement.

Improve your child’s fine motor skills as they push the buttons to hear their favourite animal noises again and again. As they progress encourage them to learn rhythm, by tapping the musical instrument and animal buttons in time with the pre recorded music. 

Why this toy is so great:

  • Teaches basic skills to your child
  • Interactive and engaging
  • Can be used for years as your child’s skills progress

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#2 - Interactive Flash Cards

Ideal for: Expanding Vocabulary

Educational Flash Cards with Interactive Preschool Reading Spelling Games

Focus your child’s learning to the pronunciation and recognition of words with this interactive flash card holder. With 224 words to learn from a range of categories this toy is in for the long haul. Pop the card into the flashcard holder and let your little one listen and repeat. 

Teach your child the sounds of the world with the animal and vehicle cards. When placed into the holder, real sounds will play helping to develop recognition skills in the real world. This toy is a great way to engage your child while helping them to expand their vocabulary and knowledge of the world they live in. 

These toys are built to last, allowing them last while your child grows. The rechargeable case is hard wearing and each flashcard is made with top quality materials to ensure they can keep up with the demand. 

Why should you buy this toy?

  • Brilliant for expanding vocabulary
  • Photos and sounds to relate to the world around them
  • Hard wearing and durable 

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#3 - 6 in 1 Shape Sorter

Ideal for: Budding Engineers

INvench Activity Cube Baby Toys

Help you child to develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills with this 6 in 1 shape sorter. Allow your little one to assemble the pieces into a range of shapes helping to promote creativity. 

Each piece has puzzles to be cracked. Your child will learn how locks work with the mirror door and get an introduction into mechanics when working the gears. Teach your child to tell the time with the clock and let them express themselves through the musical activities.

Non-BPA plastic with smooth edges keep your child safe while they play, allowing them to immerse themselves in the activities without cause for concern.  

Why this should be your next purchase

  • Multiple configurations
  • Learn the time, mechanics and develop fine motor skills
  • Smooth edges to keep your child safe

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#4 - 5 in 1 Musical Development Toy

Ideal for: Musically Minded

CubicFun 5 in 1 Baby Musical Instruments

This 5 in 1 musical toy can be played as a piano, drum set and electric xylophone with options to enhance playtime with whack-a-mole and a music and song mode. Help your child to develop their rhythm while having fun.  

The xylophone comes with animal and number modes allowing your child to learn these skills through music. Musical play is known to boost language and mathematical function within the brain, setting your child up to progress. 

Colourful sensitive touch buttons keep your child engaged. Light up drums help with visual development and the volume controls protect your baby’s hearing. Made from hard wearing materials there is no reason this toy can’t progress with your child as they age.

Why is this toy amazing?

  • Can be played as drums,  a piano or a xylophone
  • Designed to keep your child engaged
  • Hard wearing materials with volume control

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#5 - Baby Aquadoodle

Ideal for: Developing Creativity


Baby Aquadoodle allows your child to explore and develop through art. This no-mess doodle mat is ideal for developing your child’s creativity as well as enhancing fine motor skills. Plus, the colourful designs around the border will keep your child engaged for longer.

With no mess and no waste this doodle mat can be used on any flat surface. Once the water has dried the marks disappear and a whole new drawing adventure can unfold. The pens are designed with your baby in mind and will help to develop hand-eye coordination. 

Just fill the pen with water and doodle away. With no toxic chemicals this product is safe for your child. As they age, they can develop independence as there is no need to worry about ingesting paint or drawing on the sofa. 

What makes Aquadoodle so good?

  • Develop your child’s creativity
  • Enhance fine motor skills
  • Safe and reusable

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#6 - Feed Me Dino

Ideal for: Inquisitive Babies

VTech Baby Feed Me Dino

The Feed Me Dino is an interactive toy that’s sure to keep your child entertained for hours. Learn a range of skills while you play, from counting to shape recognition and musical melodies. Spin the disc on Dino’s back to play a range of music that your little one can dance and sing along to. 

The feed me feature is a fun and engaging way to introduce counting and shapes. Dino reacts to the food it’s given allowing your child to learn more independently. Press the light on Dino’s head to play a question and answer game, which helps to promote speech development as well as learning through repetition. 

This toy is sturdy and hard wearing, and is sure to keep your child entertained as they grow and develop. 

Why you should buy a Feed Me Dino

  • Promotes interactive play
  • Introduces shapes and numbers
  • Sturdy and hard wearing

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When looking for educational toys there is a huge range to choose from. It is important to chose a toy that you feel your child will engage with. Choosing a toy that enhances any skills your child may be struggling with will allow your little one to get the most out of the toy. 

A toy that your child will love is an important part of learning through play, as increased time with the toy will improve the skills it targets. 

We hope that this range of educational toys has something you love, and has inspired your search for that perfect toy. 

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