Top 6 Educational Toys for 4 Year Olds

As a parent, helping your child to develop their skills as they grow is a top priority. Learning through play is one of the best ways to inspire your little one and keep them engaged for longer than traditional teaching techniques. 

There are a huge range of educational toys available meaning choosing the right toy for a 4 year old boy or girl can be daunting. We’ve come to the rescue by collating our top 6 educational toys for kids aged 4 all in one place!

Here are our Top 6 Educational Toys for 4 Year Olds

#1 - Dinosaur Building Kit

Ideal for: Little Engineers

Dinosaur Building Toys

Build and take apart four different dinosaurs with this Dinosaur building kit. Use the drill and screwdriver bits to join and separate the pieces again and again. This toy is ideal for any child who is curious about how things work and has a flair for creativity. 

Building the dinosaurs help to develop the fine motor skills of little hands as well as promoting logical problem solving. It also gives a perfect opportunity for spending time with your child which promotes discussion and cooperativity within your little one. 

This building kit is designed with children in mind, with smooth plastic edges and tools the perfect size for small fingers. 

Why this toy is amazing

  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Ergonomic tools
  • Promotes creativity and problem solving

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#2 - Spelling and Arithmetic board

Ideal for: Learning Staple Knowledge


Toys Matching Letter and Number

Use the board and flashcards to help your child to develop their spelling and arithmetic skills. Match the spelling on the card using the multisided letter blocks before having a go at the maths questions alongside the word. As your child progresses move on from addition and subtraction, to multiplication on division

This game also aids in problem solving skills as your child finds the letters on the multi sided letter blocks to spell each word. The cute pictures on each flashcard also help to develop deep memories meaning your little one is more likely to remember the spellings in the future. 

Finally, this game is often best played with an adult. Therefore, there is scope to improve your child’s communication and discussion skills, all while forming a closer bond with their family. 

What makes this game great

  • Helps to reinforce the basics
  • Improve communication skills
  • Aids problem solving

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#3 - Wooden Jigsaw

Ideal for: Logic and Problem Solving 


Wooden Shapes Puzzle

Challenge your little one to this wooden jigsaw puzzle game. Using each template card, create pictures from the wooden blocks provided. By matching the pieces to their spaces on the pictures allow your child to further their logic and problem solving skills. 

Each card comes with the name of the object or animal in a four different languages, not only teaching your child the name in their language, but making them aware of other languages they might encounter. 

This game can also be played competitively. Have two children race alongside to see who can fill their template first. This adds an extra dimension to the game and promotes cooperative play. 

Why should this  game be the next toy for your child

  • Increases logical problem solving skills
  • Can be a multi-player game
  • Introduces other languages

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#4 - Magnetic Construction Blocks

Ideal for: Creative Learning


Magnetic Building Blocks

Let you child’s imagination run free while they build their creations using these magnetic construction blocks. Whether they decide to make 2D patterns or embark on 3D projects, this construction kit is ideal for promoting your child’s creativity, as well as helping them to express what designs they conjure up.

Siblings can play with this toy at the same time and work together to create a model or design. This promotes discussion between them and helps to develop cognitive and social skills that will be needed within the school environment. 

Each piece of this kit is designed with children in mind. The plastic pieces are non-toxic and made with smooth edges to ensure safe play. Plus, the strong but safe magnets help to hold your child’s creation together while they develop their fine-motor skills. 

Why buy this construction set

  • Develops creativity
  • Promotes cognitive and social development
  • Pieces designed with safety in mind

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#5 - Magnetic Calendar

Ideal for: Teaching your Child About the World They Live In!


Magnetic Calendar

Every day update this magnetic calendar to help your child to learn about the world around them. Start with the date and days of the week before moving onto the seasons and weather conditions. There is also a section for them temperature and an area for your little one to express how they feel. 

Give your child a helping hand for the first few weeks until they are able to have a go at filling in the calendar themselves. This helps them to learn patterns such as the days of the weeks, and how many days there are in a month, in real time. 

Utilise the multifunction properties of the calendar by using the back of it as a whiteboard. Whether you are teaching your child more about the world around them, or just need something for them to draw on, it is the perfect addition to your household. 

Why buy this calendar

  • Teaches your child about the world around them
  • Helps them to express their emotions
  • Can be used as a whiteboard

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#6 - Garden Building Kit

Ideal for: Encouraging Cognitive Flexibility 


Outdoor Garden Toys

This garden building kit is a great way to keep learning fun. Whether you use this toy inside or take it to the beach with you, it is always on hand to help develop your child’s creativity and problem solving skills. With endless construction combinations, it will keep your little one engaged for hours. 

By building different combinations of flowers and gardens, your child will encounter problems that must be solved. As your child’s analytic skills develop they will think outside the box to come up with a solution. It will also encourage your little one to plan and design their ideal garden. 

Each piece of this set is designed to be safe an engaging. Each piece can be easily cleaned after outdoor use, and the inclusion of bright colours helps to keep your child playing, and therefore learning, for longer. 

What makes this flower kit worth buying

  • Develops creativity and design skills
  • Aids with problem solving ability
  • Easy clean pieces

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Creating a good play and learning environment within your household is key in helping your child’s skills to progress. One of the best ways to do this is through educational toys that your child will love. 

Choosing which toys to buy can be a struggle but some top tips are to chose something that your child will engage with, or that helps to develop skills that are not their strengths. After reading our top 6 educational toys for 4 year olds we hope that you are inspired to find the best toys for your child. 

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