Top 6 Educational Toys for 5 Year Olds

Use this guide of the Top 6 Educational Toys for 5 Year Olds to overcome the challenge of finding the best educational games for your child. Whether you are looking to buy something as a gift for a year old boy or girl, or just to help develop your little one’s skills, there will be something in this list to inspire you. 

From science to geography and maths, whatever your child is into there will be something on this list to please. 

#1 - Rainbow Lab

Ideal for: Budding Scientists

Rainbow Lab Science Kit for Kids

Foster scientific curiosity within your children by buying them the Rainbow Lab science kit. Help your children to create amazing rainbow test tubes alongside a range of other fun and educational experiments. 

By working together with your child you will help them to develop team working skills while also teaching them how incredible science can be. As your child grows they will remember the inspiring experiments carried out within this science lab. 

With just a few extra materials that can be found around the house, or easily purchased, you can get started as soon as you open the box. This is the perfect toy for all of the family. 

What makes this science kit great

  • Encourages curiosity 
  • Can be used with minimal extra materials
  • Gets the whole family involved

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#2 - Memory Game

Ideal for: Independent Play

Wooden Memory Game

Keep your little one entertained for hours with this beautifully crafted wooden memory game. Help your child to place the coloured pieces into the board before they work independently to roll the dice and use their memory to find the corresponding colour. 

While this game can be played with siblings or on a playdate, it offers the perfect opportunity to encourage your child to play independently and develop their memory. This promotes resilience and helps them to build confidence in their own decision making skills. 

If you do decide to play with multiple players, it can be a good opportunity to help your child take turns or work cooperatively to help friends and family.

Why buy this memory game

  • Develops memory
  • Helps your child to feel confident in their decisions
  • Can be played independently or with others

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#3 - Interactive World Map

Ideal for: Little Geographers

My World Interactive Map

This fun and engaging interactive world map is the perfect tool to help your little one to develop their geography. Explore 92 different countries from your home, including the official name and capital city as well as their flags and populations. 

Help your child to find the fun in learning more about the world around them. Let them learn fun facts about different countries without having to sit them down ad teach them from a textbook. 

If you’re child is geography obsessed use the wall hang loop to mount this poster on the wall for everyday use. Or, play with it flat on the floor before storing it away for the next time. 

Why this map is incredible

  • Interactive and engaging
  • Fun facts about 92 different countries
  • Can be mounted on the wall

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#4 - Marble Run

Ideal for: Learning Through Play

Marble Race Coaster Construction Railway Building Blocks

As your child builds and expands their marble run, they learn the foundation skills of problem solving and design. Help your little one make their best marble run imaginable a reality as they progress with joining the pieces together to make a masterpiece. 

Throughout this process they will also develop resilience and patience as they try different piece combinations until they get the desired result. Then they can be rewarded with the thrill of seeing if the marble makes it to the bottom, and their creation works. 

Each piece of the marble run is made with non-toxic plastic and designed to hold together tightly to avoid accidents. The strong material ensures sturdy pieces that are difficult to snap, and smooth edges keep little hands safe. 

Why should you buy this marble run

  • Helps with problem solving
  • Develops resilience and patience
  • Pieces designed with safety in mind

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#5 - Construction Kit

Ideal for: Creative Children

Construction Toys Electric Drill Set

Use this 193 piece construction kit to create 2D and 3D structures. The addition of the electrical drill helps to make this construction set feel exciting and keep your little one engaged for longer. Design anything your child can imagine thanks to the flexibility this kit allows.

This construction kit is ideal for promoting artistic expression while also developing problem solving and fine motor skills. The mixture of screws and decorative pegs helps young minds to relate the structure of the piece to its function, furthering their understanding of the world around them. 

Keep all the pieces safely stored in under the peg board, so that your little one can enjoy this toy again and again. 

Why your child will love this kit

  • Endless combinations of pieces
  • Electric drill
  • Built in storage

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#6 - iPad Pizza Game

Ideal for: Transforming the iPad

Starter Kit - Communication Skills and Math

Clip the Osmo accessories onto your iPad and enjoy this challenging Pizza game. Take orders from customers and make their pizza’s before using mathematical skills to work out the money given and change needed. 

Designed to help with metal arithmetic this game is fun as well as educational. This game helps to develop real life skills that will be invaluable for your child as they grow. It is the perfect way to integrate technology with real world play. 

Aimed at children from ages 5 to 12 this game will grow with them and their siblings. There is also a version available for a Fire tablet, and each kit comes with handy stackable storage. 

Why buy this game to supplement the iPad:

  • Teaches real life skills
  • Develops mental maths
  • Can be used as your child grows and develops

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Finding toys that develop youngster’s skills while still keeping them happy and engaged can be a struggle. Thanks to this list, you no longer need to sit there stumped about what kind of toys are available to your child. 

Even if there is nothing on this list that is perfect, we hope that it has helped you to identify the strengths of other educational toys, or inspired you to find the ideal gift for their next birthday or Christmas. 

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