Top Geography Themed Gifts for Kids

We love buying gifts for the children in our lives. But, how do you purchase something that they’ll love to use and will teach them something? It’s quite a conundrum — so it’s lucky you’ve found our handy-dandy list!

Today, we’re going to be talking about the best geography themed gifts for kids. We don’t know a little one who doesn’t like a spinning globe or interactive map. Once they start staring at it, they can’t seem to stop! So, shall we get into the details?


#1 — Geo Journey Subscription

The best kids subscription box.
Everyone likes receiving packages in the mail. So why not let your kids experience that same joy with a fun yet education subscription pack?
Once you’ve purchased the explorer kit, your little one will receive a little suitcase, personalised letter, passport, stickers, activity booklet, travel journal, photos, and a boarding pass to begin with. Plenty of exciting things to keep them occupied for hours!

Then, every month they’ll have a package addressed to them to look forward to. Inside each one will be a personalised letter filled with facts about the month’s country, a fact postcard, 2 photos, an activity booklet, souvenir, stickers, and a travel ticket. Each month will feature a different country so, throughout the year, they’ll end up learning all sorts of exciting facts.
It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

#2 — LeapFrog Interactive Children’s Smart Globe

The most reliable brand kid’s geography toy
LeapFrog has been a much-loved children’s toy brand for many, many years but they may well have outdone themselves with this one!
If your child needs a nudge to engage properly with educational activities, this interactive globe is a step in the right direction. Not only will they be able to see where each country sits, but they’ll learn about the corresponding cultures, animals, and habitats too.
By now, you might be wondering how complicated all of this is to use. But don’t stress, your child (or another family member, of course) will pick it up easily. They just need to use the attached stylus to tap on the globe. Then, the pre-recorded audio will tell them all the interesting facts. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

#3 — PlayShifu Shifu Orboot: Augmented Reality Based Globe

The best for stimulating, digital play
Honestly, this will make you and your child feel like you’re living in the future.
The globe comes with an iOS or Android app (and a lot more as well!) to bring it to life. Just let your child hold your phone (or tablet) up to the toy so they can see all the wonderful animals that inhabit each country. They won’t even realise they’re learning!

AR Globe by PlayShifu
Not to mention there are so many modes to pick from — monuments, cultures, inventions, weather, animals, and road maps. PlayShifu has ensured that your little one will never get bored of geography-based play.

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#4 — Geo Journey Child’s World Map

The best for budgets
If the Geo Journey subscription isn’t your style (or it doesn’t fit in your budget) then their world map might be the best choice. It’s vibrant and oh-so colourful to attract and keep your kid’s attention.
While they are mesmerised, they’ll learn handfuls of facts to elevate their education and aid their understanding. Oh, and it’s huge. The A1 map is great for adorning bedroom walls or acting as a mural above their desk. But more importantly, it’s fun for all the family. Never underestimate the rate your kids will learn when you play with these toys alongside them!

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#5 — National Geographic Kid’s Subscription 

The best for animal lovers
Animals are as much a part of geography as knowing which continent Japan is in. So, we had to include the National Geographic Kids subscription. It will definitely inspire your little ones to help protect our Earth and keep animals of all shapes and sizes safe.
Depending on your budget, you can buy the gift or standard package. With each one you get 13 issues a year, 1 giant double-sided poster, and an auto-renewal feature.

#6 — Best Learning i-Poster My World Interactive Map 

The best for engaging the senses
If you know that your child struggles to stay engaged in activities, you’ll want to try this interactive map. You get a lot of bang for your buck. Plus, it’s won a load of awards so you know your little one will have a good time!
The map encourages children to use the sense of touch, sight, and hearing to learn about the continents and countries of the world. There’s even a quiz function they can use to help them think deeply about the topics.

#7 — TTKTK Illuminated World Globe

The best globe for budgets
When thinking of geography toys for kids, a globe is probably the first item that came to mind. TTKTK’s illuminated model is one of the best on the market (and it’s affordable). They can keep it out on their shelf too if they fancy using it as a night-light when they’re finished learning!

TTKTK Illuminated World Globe for Kids
Light up your world with this globe from >>

#8 — Learning Resources Puzzle Globe

The best for early years children
Essentially, this is a big, toddler-friendly, 3D puzzle. There are slots dotted around the globe for each continent, providing a fun way for early years’ kids to engage with geography. While it may bring frustration to begin with, they’ll soon get the hang of it and be elated when they get it right!

That’s all from us. If you have any other geography-based toys you and your children like to use, please let us know below!

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