Top things to do in Australia 🇦🇺

G’Day explorers! We’re about to head down under to discover the wild and wonderful places you should visit in Australia. Pack your shades, sun cream and favourite floral shorts… Geo and Atlas have some exciting adventures ahead in sunny Oz!

Great Barrier Reef
If you’re ever lucky enough to take the 23-hour flight from England to Australia, you must visit the breath-taking Great Barrier Reef. Made up of thousands of colourful reefs and an immeasurable number of exotic fish, sharks, turtles and starfish, who wouldn’t want to snorkel amongst the largest living thing on earth?

Whitehaven Beach
Australia is well known for its white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. One of the most famous is Whitehaven Beach, which is a 7km stretch of beach BBQs and camp fires – Also known as ‘Barbies’ and ‘Bush Telly’s’ by the Aussies. If you are planning on visiting Whitehaven Beach, we hope you are as brave as Geo and Atlas because the only way to get to there is by boat, seaplane or helicopter.

Sydney Opera House
One of the most famous buildings of the 20thcentury, the Sydney Opera House is a curvy shaped building made from over 1 million tiles. It is a very special venue which is well known for hosting music, dance and theatre shows.

The Outback is what Aussies like to call the large, sparsely populated land in the centre of the country. There is a large variety of wildlife in the outback including Australia’s famous kangaroos, wombats and koalas. But be careful, there are road signs in Australia to warn drivers about kangaroos that might hop across the roads with their baby joeys in their pouch; aww!  

Bondi Beach
One of Geo and Atlas’s favourite things to do in Australia is surfing; where better to surf than the famous Bondi Beach where the waves reach almost 15 metres? Lots of famous movies have been filmed on Bondi Beach including Star Wars, Superman Returns and Mission Impossible 2, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any celebrities.

If you are heading to any of our top Australia locations anytime soon, be sure to take lots of pictures! Geo and Atlas would love to see their explorers in action.

Till next time GJ x

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