Top Ways to Travel Around the UK

When it comes to travelling around the UK there are so many options.  Think about who you are travelling with and the purpose of your stay when considering how to get there.  Are you going to a city or taking a road trip in the country.  Maybe you're going to the lakes or visiting a forest.  We've been looking at a few ideas for travelling there below! 

By Car 

Travelling by Car

UK holidays, especially with a young family can be so much easier and more convenient by car.  You just pack the car and go!  No heavy bags to lug around train stations and no having to pack super light.  If you’re off to somewhere like a lodge or caravan then you can take everything you need to enjoy your stay! 

If you’re into activities like cycling or watersports then you can even take your equipment with you on a roof rack or with a trailer.  A holiday in the Lake District by car is perfect when you can pull up near the lakeside and take out your inflatable kayak or a paddleboard and get on the water. 

Young kids come with a mountain of luggage as well. Think changes of clothes, nappies, toys and much more and you get the idea.  A car is the perfect solution for family breaks without packing limits. 

By Train 

Don’t rule out train rides though!  If you’re visiting an exciting city like Edinburgh, London or York then the train can take you right into the centre in a speedy manner, no traffic jams or long drives. 

Trains can be super fun too!  Take plenty to entertain the little ones and sit back and enjoy the scenery of the UK passing by from the window.  A table seat is a great idea for families with children where you can sit together and have space to spread out and for your belongings. 

In Covid times trains became less popular for a while but now life is getting back to normal train travel is once again on the agenda. 

If you’re staying in a central hotel in any city in the UK then a train is usually a good option to consider.  Also if you book in advance then the prices can be great too. You can get first class tickets for reasonable prices if you book far enough in advance. 

By Bike 

 Travelling by Bike

The good old fashioned bicycle is another way of travelling to see areas of the UK.  Yes you may not be able to travel that far but you can visit places like the coast and the country by bike and make the most of all of the scenery the UK has to offer.  

This is an extremely healthy way to travel, you can keep fit and take in the fresh air as you ride along.  Families with children can also make the most of exploring by bike, with a range of bicycles suitable for all ages.  You can also get little trailers for very small children to be pulled along.  

By Motorcycle 

This might be an overlooked option but actually a lot of people own motorcycles around the UK and it’s the super speedy and enjoyable way to get around for some!  You can take a day trip and cover many miles, visiting place that would be out of the question to visit on a day trip by car.  For example travel to the Lake District or Yorkshire from the North East and enjoy a complete change of scenery in a different region.

This might be a mode of transport for adults only, however as even though children can legally travel on a motorcycle if their feet can touch the floor, many do not recommend it because if the risk of accidents.

Aside from travelling with children, Motorcycles can be a great and safe way of getting around.  You should look at comparing motorbike insurance quotes before taking out any insurance for your trip.

By Plane

With domestic flights you can now fly between different cities in the UK with ease.  Prices vary but like with most modes of transport you can get good deals.  Whether you are travelling with or without children, flights can be a good choice because of the speed in which it takes to get to your destination.  

It can also be really fun if you love flying.  The downside is that compared to travelling by car you will be more limited on the luggage you can take.

From Leeds to Belfast and from Newcastle to London, there are so many flight routes to choose from you can be exploring the UK more quickly and easily than ever before.

So when you book your next day trip, short break or long holiday in the UK think about this different options and what will best suit you as a solo traveller, couple or a family.

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