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toys for girls age 7 lip balm studioLooking for toys for girls age 7?  Look no further.  Here at Geo Journey we have been searching far and wide for the most popular toys for 7 year old girls and also some really great gift ideas for both parents and grandparents looking for new gift ideas.

We've based all of our findings on customer reviews and also what we like to call the "fun factor".  Girls age 7 can be into all kinds of things from diaries and art sets to lego and robots. 

Gone are the days when all toys for girls consist of pink, fluffy and cute gifts.  Of course, they can be great too especially for girly girls but we know from our customers that their daughters are also into space, science and technology. Which we think is brilliant!

So here are some of the most awesome toys for girls age 7 on the market at the moment.  

Think Gizmos Interactive Talking World Map for Kids

interactive map for kidsHere at Geo Journey we are big fans of Geography and learning about the world so we love this interactive talking world map.  It will keep kids of all ages entertained as well as teaching them over 1000 facts about the world - wow! 

We think this taking map would be really well suited to a 7 year old girl as it's a great stage for learning at this level and taking in all the facts.  It will definitely give them a head start at school! 

They will learn about 92 different countries including flags, landmarks and population information.  It's a fantastic price too for a gift that will last a long time and they will get so much educational value from.

Sequin Pillow Gift For Girls

This sequin pillow would definitely add a touch of sparkle to any little girl's room.  We love the wow factor of this gift and the fact that it changes colour too!  You don't need to buy an insert as this pillow comes with the inside cushion as well as the cover.  The ice lolly design is really cool and will definitely make her smile.  A super stylish addition to any 7 year olds' room.

Magnetic Building Blocks, Newisland 40 Pcs Magnet Blocks Set

The fantastic magnetic building blocks are ideal for developing brain development and critical thinking.  We think fun and learning go together and these building blocks are are great example of that.

Made from really high quality material they are also super colourful and a child could really use their imagination making all kinds of models. 

They come with a little zipper bag meaning it's easy to keep them all together and you can also take them to different places too like friend's house and on holiday.

Unicorn Secret Lockable Journal Diary & Pen Gift Set 

This bright and colourful diary and pen set is sure to appeal to girls who love to write.  We love that this has a mix of both blank and lined pages which makes it stand out from other diary sets on the market. 

The multi colour pen is also a fab touch.  Definitely one to consider as a birthday or Christmas gift.  The price point makes this a great gift for a niece too.  You'll definitely be their favourite auntie!

Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit For Girls 

This Lip Balm studio will be loved by a lot of 7 year old girls.   There are some amazing scents to work with including Very Cherry, Oh So Orange, Purely Pineapple, & Gorgeous Grape.   There are some little pots of glitter so they can add some sparkle to their lip balms too!

This lip balm kits is sure to keep your daughter or granddaughter entertained for hours.  We love how they can get creative with this kit and see the results of their work in the finished product.  


Geo Journey Subscriptions

Not forgetting our own Geo Journey subscriptions which are ideal for 7 year olds.  Learn about the world through letters and gifts in the post every month.  You can read more about our Geo Journey subscription here.

GILOBABY Kid Intelligent Robot Toy

robot toy for 7 year oldWith voice and touch control this is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a robotic toy.  It's super easy to operate meaning it would be brilliant for even younger children too. 

The manufacturer states this fab robot would be suitable for children aged 3-9.   Your 7 year old will love this robot as their new dance partner and can even record their voice with it. 

One reviewer who bought this as a gift for her niece has said, "Bought this little cute robot for my niece and she is loving it already. The robot is very advanced, can go straight and backward, spin, make turns when you touch the sensor area, and can recognise 10 commands".

We think this would be a brilliant present and can see it being one of the most popular toys for 7 year girls - and it's a good price too!

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