Write to Geo and Atlas

Geo and Atlas love going on adventures and writing letters about the exciting things they have done.

But they also love reading letters and would love to hear from you.  You could write about things you have been doing at home or your favourite places to visit. Or for little ones draw a picture with a few words. Anything goes! 

If you have been doing our Geo Journey or Space Journey adventures you could write about your favourite bits so far. 

Writing letters is a brilliant creative writing exercise and a fun activity for kids of all ages.

When you letter is finished simply send a photo of it to Geo and Atlas via messenger on our facebook page OR email your letter to hello@geojourney.co.uk

You could also post it on Facebook @geojourneykids or Instagram @geojourneyadventure and tag us in it.  

Geo and Atlas are going to be sending out some prizes for their favourite letters including Geo Journey bags, maps and stationary sets.

You can download a template for your letter here or you can send your entry on any paper you have at home.

We'll be sharing lots of our favourites on our Facebook and Instagram pages so please only send it you are happy for your letter to be shared.

Happy Writing!  Geo and Atlas can't wait to hear from you x








On Parvinder Kaur commented …

Dear Geo and Atlas,
I am writing this letter on behalf of my 3 year old daughter. She loves to travel and everyday will always grab her favourite pair of shoes and turquoise coat which is her favourite colour that makes her happy. My daughter Raj-Rani loves to visit the shops, enjoys long walks in the park and goes on adventures with her friends at nursery. She is an explorer at heart and in her own words says: “Mummy I want to go outside please.” My daughter loves to spend her time doodling and pointing at places she wants to visit. We often seek inspiration of all the things we want to do together online. We would be thrilled to receive goodies which would be loved and put to good use ready for our next adventures. Until then my friends, all the best xoxo

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