Space Journey Little Astronaut Kit Review

Reviewed by Claire Turner

There was a ‘knock knock’ at the front door and my 4-year-old raced to answer with me close behind. It was the postman with a package! A very big parcel. We opened it carefully and inside was a Space Journey Little Astronaut Kit with a note from Atlas, a Golden Labrador puppy, and Geo the owl – his very best friend. It said that they had travelled the world and one night looked up at the sky and into space and wanted to find out more. The letter went on to explain all about the planets including the one we live on – Earth.

"I liked filling in my name on my passport and showing all my family what I had – I could tell them about some planets and the moon too.”

— George (aged 4 – almost 5!)

The idea behind this is you sign up for this (10 month subscription – only available to buy once a year in December) and you are sent the case with a few goodies and then each month you are sent a package from a new planet. We were sent a few items for the review so that we could get a good understanding of the sort of items that are received.

George (aged 4 – almost 5!) says:

“I took everything out of my case and I was so excited! I told my mummy it was the best parcel ever. I had some space sunglasses, a space passport, a mission report from Earth, a mission log book, some postcards, an ‘astronaut in training’ bracelet and a notebook and pen. I also had a really big poster for my wall in my bedroom of all the planets – it’s so lovely. It was all very exciting and mummy helped me read it all. I liked filling in my name on my passport and showing all my family what I had – I could tell them about some planets and the moon too.”

It’s safe to say that my son has loved receiving this – it came on holiday with us – was the first thing he packed. It was all packaged nicely and there were space stickers on the outside of the box. The case is of a good strong quality and will definitely fit all the extra monthly goodies in. All the facts are written in a good way that is easy and fun for children to understand and remember.

This is such a lovely idea and will make a great present for all ages – whether you know about Space or not, there is so much to learn. We have completed some of what was inside but there is still more to do…

We would both give this a big thumbs up and 5 stars.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £32 (Little Astronaut Kit) / £145 (Little Astronaut Kit with 10 month subscription).

The Little Astronaut Kit consists of: Mini suitcase (made from wood and synthetic fabric 29×24.5×10.5cm), letter from Geo and Atlas, mission log book, astronaut passport, 2 photos, 1 fact card, activity booklet, travel ticket and stickers.

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