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We were very happy to be asked to review the Little Explorer Kit from Geo Journey, and the timing couldn’t have been better with it being the start of the school summer holidays and us being about to jet off on holiday ourselves.

The Geo Journey Little Explorer Kit is a brilliant idea for children aged 4-10 years, where the child receives the initial kit and can then add to this with travel packs from different countries either on a monthly basis by subscribing for a year or by purchasing the packs separately.

My six-year-old son was very excited to receive the Little Explorer Kit, which consists of a mini suitcase containing a passport, travel journal, world map poster and a personalised letter along with a luggage label, fact card, photo and stickers from the United Kingdom which is the first country on the journey.

The first thing that was obvious is that this is a high quality and well thought out product. The suitcase is made from wood and fabric and is really appealing to look at, it has a quality fastening as well so will be ideal for my son to carry around with him with all the bits and pieces in. It is also very strong (as can be vouched for by the fact I caught my two-year-old son using it as a stool to reach something off a shelf!).

The personalised letter is a great touch, my son was really thrilled that the envelope had his name on it so he knew it was meant for him. The letter explains all about Geo (the owl) and Atlas (the puppy) who will be going on a big adventure around the world and sending the child letters, pictures and souvenirs from the countries they visit. The journey starts in the United Kingdom and the letter tells us all about York which is their home town, there is also a photo of a street in York which my son found fascinating. What was particularly impressive is that it is a ‘real’ photo not just a print.

Both the Travel Journal and Passport are lovely quality. My son filled his details in the passport as soon as he opened it, and decided he was passport number 100. There are spaces to stick all the passport stamps from the different countries that Geo and Atlas will be visiting. As well as plenty of spare pages too. The Travel Journal is a scrap book in which the child can stick all the stickers and photos they receive from Geo and Atlas.  There is a page for each country plus plenty of spares.

There is also a Trekker Trials booklet that contains activities for the child to complete such as a spot the difference, wordsearch and crossword relating to the United Kingdom. My son enjoyed doing these.

The world map is also a great addition, it is a large fold out poster with lots of facts about different countries around the world and the child can put the map marker from their sticker sheets to mark the countries they have visited. This really grabbed my son’s attention as he loves to learn about different countries. We will be putting this up in his bedroom.

All in all, the Little Explorer Kit is a really lovely product and I love the idea of the child being able to collect packs from the different countries. This has really sparked my son’s interest and I will definitely consider buying him the other country packs. The kit costs £32.00 with country packs costing between £14-17. Alternatively, at Christmas, you can purchase a year’s subscription for £175 which includes the Little Explorer Kit and Country packs sent to the child each month, they will also get a certificate at the end of the year to say they have completed the Geo Journey. This would make a great Christmas gift.

I would give the Little Explorer Kit and the Geo Journey concept 5*!

Also available is a Space Journey Little Astronaut Kit that teaches about space and the planets, you can read the review here.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £32 (Little Explorer Kit) / £175 (Little Explorer Kit with 12 month subscription).

The Little Explorer Kit consists of: Mini suitcase (made from wood and synthetic fabric 29×24.5×10.5cm), travel journal, passport, letter from Geo and Atlas, 2 photos, fact card, activity booklet, travel ticket on a string and stickers.

Recommended for 4-10 year olds.

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