Geo Journey Educational Subscription Box Wins Prestigious Award!



Listen carefully and you might hear the sound of Geo, Atlas and all at Geo Journey HQ fizzing over with excitement because….

We’ve won an award!

We’re absolutely over the moon that our educational subscription box about space has been crowned with a 2018 Academics Choice Brain Toy award, reserved for only the very best mind-building toys and media around. 

What's So Special About The Academics Choice Awards?

The Academics Choice Awards are known all over the world so this feels like a huge honour. Any tool or toy that bears their seal of excellence means it’s been recognised as genuinely effective in improving thinking skills and stimulating the mind. 

That’s exactly what we set out to do when we created Geo Journey, and that’s why we couldn’t be happier.




The panel that reviewed our educational subscription box was made up of volunteers including parents, scientists, artists, doctors, educators, librarians and of course, children. The panels look at hundreds of products, sending those that don’t make the grade to charity. 

We’ve been told that the panel loved this educational subscription box because children were engaged in learning from the moment they opened it. One reviewer even said that the children were having so much fun they were learning without realising it! 

And we think that’s the very best way. 

Here are some of the comments about our space subscription box...

“This product is very exciting. The minute my kids opened the package they were engaged. There was a sturdy, small suitcase in which my daughter immediately started to organize the contents of the Space Journey package. There was so much to look at….These things are sturdy, high quality products that feel important to the kids.”

“There is so much space to place the stickers, make drawings of what they learned about, almost like they were exploring space themselves as a tourist or astronaut. The enormous poster of the solar system is beautiful and eye-catching as well as informational, a nice addition to reference to as we learn about the solar system.”

“My 7 year old was very engaged, filling her whole mission book in one day, not even waiting for the next set to come. The stickers are colorful, interesting and child-friendly, while the pictures and ideas about the planets or stops are more life-like and seem to help the child rise up from primary colors to close-to-life. I really liked this product and would recommend it. I am really interested in the global world subscription the company produces as well!”

Our Mission is Fun Learning For Kids 

Of course, awards are fantastic, but what really lies at the heart of Geo Journey is the desire to see kids actively learning and engaging with the incredible world around them. 

And the more children we can do that for the better. 

So, don’t take our word for it, or even the word of the Academic Choice Awards. If you’re looking for an educational gift that will set children’s minds alight and give them something to look forward to receiving each month, take a look at our space subscription box. 


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