Geo Journey

Space Mission Adventure Box


This cool mini space adventure is a fantastic introduction to our Space Journey.  It comes with our award winning astronaut kit plus materials to learn about 3 planets.

An "out of this world" adventure to teach children all about the solar system - in a FUN way!   Follow the adventures of Geo and Atlas as they explore the solar system.

The astronaut kit comes in a cool suitcase with mission log book, astronaut passport, astronaut in training wristband and a large map of the solar system. It also includes activities, stickers and information about planet Earth to get the adventure started.  On top of this you will receive 2 additional planet packs to learn about Mercury and Venus.

The packs include photos, fact cards, stickers and an exciting souvenir from each planet - Space sunglasses and astronaut food!

Children can track the space missions of Atlas and Geo by marking off planets on the map as they visit each one, stamping their astronaut passport and update the log book with stickers and photos.

Siblings can share these exciting Space Journey boxes - simply add more than one name at checkout.

3,2,1 Blast Off!

What's included?

The Astronaut Kit with materials to learn about planet Earth
Space suitcase - personalised letter - map - mission log book - astronaut passport - stickers - photos - activity booklet - travel ticket on a string - astronaut in training wristband.

2 Planet Packs Mercury and Venus
Personalised fact filled letter - 2 photos - fact card - stickers - activity booklet - travel ticket on a string - a souvenir such as astronaut food and space sunglasses.

Please note we no longer offer a monthly subscription.  All packs are sent together with the astronaut kit in one delivery giving YOU the flexibility to use the materials however you choose. 

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What is it

Geo Journey is a subscription box for children to teach them all about different countries.

Start with an explorer kit then receive fun monthly packages through the post from our travelling characters Geo and Atlas who love to travel and explore.

They'll send letters, photos and cool souvenirs like a boomerang from Australia or mini wooden Clogs from Holland.

Every subscription is PERSONALISED with child's name!

Meet Geo and Atlas... 
At the heart of Geo Journey are our adorable characters Geo the owl and his best friend Atlas the puppy.

The friends are on a world adventure and every country pack includes a fact filled letter from them, telling your child all about their travels.

Each month your child can complete the travel journal, stamp the passport and enjoy learning lots of fun facts.

How does it work?

1. Start with an explorer kit with suitcase, travel journal, passport, map and activities.

2. Receive exciting monthly packages through the post addressed to your child.

3. Twelve country packs to collect. Each one is packed with creative fun AND an exciting souvenir!

What do you receive?

What's in the explorer kit?
Suitcase - personalised letter - map - travel journal - passport - stickers - photos - activity booklet - travel ticket on a string.

What's in the monthly packs?
Personalised fact filled letter - 2 photos - fact postcard - stickers - activity booklet - travel ticket on a string - a souvenir such as a boomerang from Australia.