Space Journey

A new way to learn about our amazing solar system.

Geo the owl and his best friend Atlas are off on their travels again, this time to find out all about our amazing solar system and the planets within it.  They would love your little astronaut to join them on their adventures!  

Start with a Little Astronaut Kit with space suitcase, mission log book and astronaut passport, as well as stickers, photos and activities.

Then receive cool planet packs every month packed with  goodies to stick in the mission log book.  There's even a fun souvenir from each planet such as space sunglasses and astronaut food!

From the rocky inner worlds that sit closest to the sun - Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars - to the large gaseous outer worlds - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune - there's an awful lot to discover.  Geo and Atlas even meet an alien friend on Mars!

The Little Astronaut Kit includes an Earth Planet Pack so your little astronaut can make a start on their mission log book straight away.

Check out our reviews page to read about how other mini astronaut's have enjoyed their space adventures!


The 9 Month Space Adventure includes the little astronaut kit, large map of the solar system and nine planet packs sent to your child at monthly intervals.  With letters, photos and souvenirs every month from their new friends Geo and Atlas.

These subscriptions are only available to buy ONCE A YEAR so don't miss out!  Available to order from September.  The monthly planet packs start arriving in January.  A unique and exciting Christmas present for any space loving child.

Choose to pay monthly or in full with one payment - the choice is yours!

This is a really fun educational activity to do together as a family each month too!

Recommended for children aged 4-10.

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