Our exciting subscriptions are only available to buy ONCE A YEAR at Christmas time!


Inspire your child to learn about the world! Geo the owl and Atlas the puppy are off on a BIG adventure and would love your child to join them.  

Give your little explorer their own Explorer Kit with suitcase, travel journal, world map, passport, and all the tools they need to track the travels of Geo and Atlas.

Geo and Atlas will write to your child every month from a different country and send them a fact-filled letter, souvenirs, activities, photos, postcards and stickers.

Your little one will love finding where Atlas and Geo have been on the map, stamping their passport and adding photos, stickers and postcards to their journal.

This is a unique, fun and educational gift ideally suited to 4-10 year olds and it lasts for a whole year! Guaranteed not to be abandoned on Boxing Day!

Personalise your gift by adding your child's name. All letter envelopes are hand written with your child's name and stamped with puppy paw prints to add a personal touch. Your child will love receiving their very own mail each month.

The unique subscription is perfect as a Christmas present for little explorers.    

Gift lasts a whole year! 


Space journey is exactly the same concept only it's all about space!

It all starts with a Little Astronaut Kit containing cool space suitcase, mission log book, map of the solar system, astronaut passport and activities.

Then receive real post though the mail every month from Geo the owl and Atlas the puppy as they launch into outer space and visit different planets. 

They'll write to your child each month with souvenirs, activities, stickers and more!

An amazing way to learn about the solar system.


1. Order your Geo Journey or Space Journey subscription from September.  Geo Journey lasts 12 months and Space Journey lasts 9 months.

2. Receive your Little Explorer Kit OR Little Astronaut Kit complete with suitcase, journal, passport, map and activities in time to give as a fantastic Christmas present.  Kits are posted out on 1st December.

3. Every month from January child will receive post from Geo and Atlas as they journey around the world. Learn about different countries through letters, souvenirs and pictures.

4. Update the map and build the travel journal - pack it with information about history, language, food and landmarks.  Or information about our amazing solar system.

Geo Journey is a fun and engaging way to teach your child about geography or the solar system. It's also a gift that lasts a whole year!

The concept is so much more than just looking at a map and finding out where a country is in relation to the rest of the world. Through letters, activities, souvenirs and pictures, Geo Journey brings the world to life and lets your child experience different cultures, languages, food and traditions from around the world.

Every month for a whole year, loveable characters Atlas and Geo visit a different country and write a letter home about what they've seen and done. You'll get stickers to put on your Map of the World, activities to take part in - and photographs and fact sheets about some of the greatest wonders of the world. You can fill up your travel journal with photos, tickets, stickers and more.

So, they might send you a recipe from France that you can cook at home or some wooden clogs from Holland for you to decorate yourself. Or even a cuddly Panda from China. We'll take you up a Dutch windmill and show you the pyramids of Egypt. Find out why Red Square isn't red or square and what ingredients make up Feijoada, the traditional Brazilian stew.

Every week, we'll add facts, figures, pictures and competitions to our Facebook page so why not join our Facebook community and keep in touch! We'll be giving away some brilliant prizes in our competitions!

Helping the Pandas

Our world is an incredible place and whenever we can, we try to support important environmental and conservation initiatives. Pandas International is dedicated to ensuring the preservation and propagation of the seriously endangered Giant Panda.

When Geo and Atlas send you your gift from China (a cuddly Panda), Pandas International will receive £4 from us. It's a great way to learn about these amazing creatures and help to preserve their future.
Geo Journey supports Pandas international  

Subscriptions are only available ONCE A YEAR so don't miss out!

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